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  1. Extend Blowout Event
  2. Fix Clique Battle connection now!
  3. Why not update game installation files zzz.
  4. Best Place to farm Vis and Equips?
  5. Seriously IMC,
  6. [GEEU] Make Lucifer missions 12 people again
  7. Warning to EUGE Devs if you want server to stay alive DO NOT TRANSFER
  8. Costumes
  9. Job Skill Ring boxes
  10. Censorship Alternative
  11. Future Events in GEEU?
  12. Which items do you want to add to Web / Letizia Feso Gift Box?
  13. Good Character Spotlights on new chars!
  14. Please sell Valeron Blessings on the Cash Shop
  15. On Timed Ammo Boxes
  16. Constelation (and Armonia) recipes easy shop.
  17. Add Lyndon NPC specific medals to royal package!zz
  18. Prefered Buffs Page - post buff point limit.
  19. Reduce Talos raid entry requirement
  20. Sedecram dungeon
  21. [GEEU] RAIDS: Please Update Old Raids Rewards/Level
  22. More inventory space
  23. Stop genocide russian public (title to attract attention)
  24. All roads end at Royal Road Training Controller
  25. [GEEU] Character Spotlights in depth about use cases for character.
  26. Equip Change Window - a small enhancement.
  27. [GEEU] Timing of the Distorted Parallel Time Maps
  28. Where i can buy recipes for belts, shoes and gloves ?
  29. Please bring back Blitz 1941 PLEASE!
  30. Demonic or Divine weapons?
  31. Exp Event
  32. [GEEU] Colony dammage test
  33. Altria teaser Spider character, Rose the Spirit change
  34. [GEEU] Events related sales
  35. [Suggestion] Modify Gold\Royal packages of LB chars.