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  1. EUGE and Windows 8.1
  2. [Launcher] Error fix (Faiil to generate initiate Flash Player)
  3. Ida's Quest
  4. Can't Verify Account
  5. Can't login after patch
  6. Site bug
  7. Verification email and CBT keys in spam box
  8. Problems with beta key email.
  9. Error Type 10001
  10. "Can't log in to server"
  11. Gamelauncher cannot initiate flash player
  12. After 1 Minute ingame
  13. [Download] can
  14. click delay
  15. Registration error ?
  16. The problem with the level of family
  17. additional mouse buttons
  18. Problem Logging in
  19. Download/install problem
  20. Take out that bloody patch
  21. XTrap Error
  22. quest bug
  23. login issue
  24. Is ticket submiting works?
  25. Shiny Key
  26. Downloader closes
  27. Downloader ERROR
  28. error cant play the game, pls help
  29. Error when I start the game
  30. Downloader doesnt work?
  31. higher tier faction
  32. Heavy lagging and disconnecting in certain locations
  33. Cath expert stance bug
  34. Dr Torsche Basement Raid Lagging
  35. Lagging Issue in
  36. a connection with the server could not be established
  37. Monster text color issues
  38. Problem with login.
  39. x-trap error
  40. Manual patch for Xtrap Errors: V9500
  41. Another Xtrap error
  42. I'm in prison Underground, I need help of the adm or players!!!
  43. Ice Wizard Tower Debuff
  44. Error
  45. Launcher proble, or game / server problem ?
  46. launcher auto patch today
  47. SMS EGC purchase error
  48. XTrap Shutdown the game...HELP :confused:
  49. change password option
  50. Is website down?
  51. Lagg issues in general
  52. Antivirus error
  53. Autologin in the forums
  54. runtime error
  55. Gemocon error?
  56. AOE Skill ground targeting is not working
  57. Can't Get Master 'Gear Up' Card ...
  58. GEE pc load
  59. Launcher problem
  60. Error - The conection with the server was reset
  61. :( error conection to the server has reset
  62. Why you need to get more players to forum
  63. Cant Login
  64. Elite Arcard Pierce at Artifact Unique
  65. Can't get the rewards after charging 10,000EGC.
  66. "Fail to receive download list. please try again"
  67. updater
  68. Client Download issue
  69. Download the installation without patcher
  70. Unable to login.
  71. Time Event Problem
  72. DC While afk and idle, Sometimes during Gameplay, LOGS HERE, HELP ME.
  73. Game won't start
  74. gemocon server failed connection
  75. Xtrap error code : 08-0400-00000000-537
  76. Client Error
  77. Server Down?
  78. Server Down?
  79. The game is running pretty, pretty badly
  80. Forum : Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved
  81. Client Problems!
  82. Client crash...
  83. DC while zoning
  84. serverlags every evening
  85. Crash Client
  86. Uninstall
  87. Antibot capcha not working
  88. Google Wallet problem.
  89. Quest: Shiny Flower (Repeat 1/day)
  90. DB error 0 and disconnects from the server.
  91. xtrap error
  92. xtrap error 05-0400-00000000-503
  93. Fail to receive download list, revisions_v2.txt(626)
  94. Forum account issue !!
  95. Fail to recieve download list
  96. Quest
  97. Log in without hard keyboard ?
  98. Invalid Quest
  99. Download and installing error
  100. Game running error
  101. Client CRASH!!!
  102. Bahamar quest dont reset
  103. UI Problem / Question
  104. Account activation email?
  105. Google Wallet?
  106. Family Level problem
  107. Xtrap must go!
  108. Blank Message Box on Login
  109. Why us kicked from eu tournament????
  110. Ingame Problem, Can't Warp, Empty Channel Warp, and many more
  111. Bug Wings?
  112. Constant disconnects
  113. Wrong Password bug?
  114. Xtrap........wth...
  115. Xtrap........wth...
  116. [GEEU] Rename Forum Account ?
  117. Can't Login And Error
  118. Disconnect
  119. X-Trap Knowledge Base
  120. X-trap cant update ???
  121. Enter Button does not work O_o
  122. Error
  123. How to fix lag/reduce lag.
  124. [GEEU] Update error 262
  125. [GEEU] sortie (вылет)
  126. error 626
  127. 100% exp buff Maria is a lie
  128. XPVP crashing game
  129. Disconnected
  130. [GEEU] Shiny crystal box broken?
  131. Client keeps crashing
  132. Quest Info (Alt +A) Graphic Error
  133. help?
  134. skeleton dungeon problem
  135. Problem: Daily quest to make broom stick.
  136. revisions_v2.txt (626) error
  137. Return buf not work
  138. About some problems
  139. [GEEU] Lower Setting on Client Launcher
  140. [GEEU] Event page is bugged
  141. I can't find my password and the webpage is not working
  142. GE Launcher Error related with Adobe Flash Player
  143. [GEEU] Error
  144. [GEEU] Ошибка Лаунчера GE, связанная с Adobe Flash Player
  145. Forum deletes most of my msg
  146. Crash on Login screen
  147. Crash on Clock Tower Raid
  148. [GEEU] Client crashes after login
  149. [GEEU] Broken Website and no support..
  150. About loading game
  151. Latest patch broke the reward chests
  152. About the game operation system
  153. [GEEU] Two useful tips that may come in handy to people struggling with Client (Technical)
  154. About launching error
  155. [GEEU] Movement delay
  156. Cadet Amy's ET stance skills don't level up when equipping rings
  157. [GEEU] Lags and Re-entry System Problem
  158. Launcher Runtime Error
  159. GM
  160. Can't login.
  161. [GEEU] Game Crashing in Tierra de los Muertos
  162. [GEEU] Opting for Additional Reward bug for Bridge Siege Hard Mission
  163. Un-registering forum account
  164. [GEEU] Can't login to my account
  165. [GEEU] Cannot log in at 8am Server Time
  166. [GEEU] Client crash
  167. [GEEU] GE.EXE isn't recognized
  168. New accounts cannot save more than 5 warps even with a warp pass
  169. [GEEU] GE Download
  170. How to solve GE client error situation / revision / reinstall / patch / launcher
  171. Game does not launch on latest windows insider preview
  172. [GEEU] ClientCrash when GuildList opened.
  173. [GEEU] GE.Client has stopped working after I put my username and password.
  174. Client not responding
  175. [GEEU] client crash
  176. [GEEU] GE client has stopped working
  177. [GEEU] Issues running program on MAC
  178. Cant start ge.exe after patch
  179. I can't run Launcher!
  180. connection issu
  181. Requesting Manual Patch for Ver. 26.60.82 to Ver.27.93.58
  182. [GEEU] Family Transfer Can't Be Processed Since you Have An Item In The Market
  183. ALLOPASS sms billing error
  184. Eset AntiVir found a version of Packed.Themida
  185. [GEEU] File Downloads are all corrupted
  186. Window 10 Xtrap attack: 02-0300-00000000-608
  187. [GEEU] Can't create elementalists
  188. Launch Error unable to load no error message shown
  189. [GEEU] missing weapon
  190. Can't update GE
  191. Can't access the website
  192. X-Trap Error after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  193. [GEEU] Can't participate in the Flowery Paths event
  194. Unable to access Armonia Latina
  195. [GEEU] xtrap error
  196. I can't access to the next quest.
  197. [GEEU] my lorch quest bugged
  198. Event page not working
  199. [GEEU] "You can play game after finishing Update patch" at Log-in
  200. X-Trap Code Field 08-0400-00000000-544 fix
  201. cannot execute ge.exe file. please reinstall 311
  202. [GEEU] Fail to receive download list
  203. Bug?? Game Stop and closed when i try to do : Jormangan Dragon of Land
  204. Can't Login
  205. [GEEU] не могу зайти в игру
  206. Bug Trap Error
  207. [GEEU] Yo! GE Staff i think not just me
  208. GE Russian Client Manual Patch(Auto) File download link
  209. [GEEU] XTrap error on Windows 10 (1709)
  210. [GEEU] Source error
  211. [GEEU] need help with client error and what are these error. please
  212. need help with client error and what are these error. please #2
  213. [GEEU] Errors getting patch zip files when re-installing GEEU
  214. Launcher won't open
  215. [GEEU] error graphics>?
  216. Barrack problem!
  217. [GEEU] "Fail to receive download list. please try again. revisions_v2.txt(820)"
  218. Not able to login In-game
  219. "You can play game after finishing Update patch" at Log-in
  220. [GEEU] client suddenly not updating ..
  221. Please help ge client not updating
  222. need help ive bee reinstalling the client for days now because of this error
  223. What is happening?
  224. [GEEU] family emblem not working
  225. [GEEU] my launcher not updating the new patch ..
  226. Misa Machina skills not working as intended
  227. Xtrap problem
  228. [GEEU] whats this ??
  229. [GEEU] can't open asoka package
  230. [GEEU] Forum Account Activation
  231. What kind of error is this?
  232. [GEEU] Patching error
  233. xtrap direct download
  234. [GEEU] I lost one day on my Ferrucio's Pioneer Journal
  235. i cant have more 2,4 B vis cash ?
  236. [GEEU] Download client.
  237. [GEEU] C.daria holysword effects
  238. main page is down.
  239. Issue with Euge.
  240. [GEEU] Runtime error!
  241. [GEEU] Patch problem again..
  242. cant login to server gives me error about maint or something
  243. [GEEU] making enhanced stance rings
  244. Game crashes when opening Options window and other issue.
  245. [GEEU] Patch problem. Manual patching would be greatly appreciated.
  246. Client latest version on website
  247. Help in these files
  248. Runtime Error
  249. Maintenance?
  250. i have technical revision updater issue