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  1. Male or Female?:D
  2. Male or Female?:D
  3. Marchetti
  4. Support Characters.
  5. Prepare and Important Characters
  6. My team setup, need advice
  7. Stock Scout worth it?
  8. Elementalist stances and skills
  9. Brunie
  10. Any tips for Ania recruitment quest?
  11. Calyce Questline Bugged?
  12. recruiting back deleted npc characters
  13. How to recruit Najib Sharif
  14. Are Elementalists WORTH it?
  15. Highest DPS Char is... ?
  16. The BSI queries
  17. Elizabeth
  18. loretta vs jd
  19. noob tip when using jack
  20. [GEEU] Evil Machina & Kevin [New Character]
  21. New Character 'L'
  22. [GEEU] Mireille Personal Skill
  23. New Character Polearm Stance
  24. New Char. New Hallena?
  25. Warlock New Stance (Elemental Master)
  26. Nar
  27. New RNPC, AMY
  28. New Character(Cadet Amy & Amy Shausen) and New Costume(Polar Bear Costume)
  29. New RNPC, Another Bracelet + Sword stance
  30. New Character: Juliana
  31. New Character, NEO
  32. New NPC, Lora's twin sister? Juliana?
  33. [GEEU] How to proceed with Lorch's quest?
  34. New Character: Magistrate Dietrich & Dietrich Herberthe
  35. New Character. Sabre stance
  36. KGE New Chars
  37. [KGE] Chief Commander Cano and Blood Navy Cano
  38. [KGE] Aclla, Ancient Goddes
  39. [KGE] Banshee Natalie
  40. [KGE] Daisy
  41. Grandies vs Queen of Pioneering
  42. [KGE] Becky, Ice Lady of Fortune
  43. [KGE] Kay, Ancient Hero
  44. [KGE] Berthe and Charles, Dead-Cold Duet
  45. [KGE] Scarlet Quinn
  46. Ele or musk?
  47. [KGE] Ciel, Leader of Sainquis Sisters
  48. [GEEU] Who should replace stock fig?
  49. [KGE] Hermes Sainquis, "Chao Chao, Kessy"
  50. GE Character Release Order
  51. points to put for dagger users upon reaching veteran
  52. [GEEU] New book user
  53. [KGE] Joshua Baselrane and Queen Serenity Joshua
  54. Telekinesis or Madness?
  55. musketeer and warlock
  56. [GEEU] list of character in chest of heaven (up date)
  57. [KGE] Scavenger Yeganeh, Famous Killer of the Past
  58. Hector recruitment worth it?
  59. [KGE] Violeta Perro, The New... Stance for Nena
  60. Veil (after rework) vs daisy
  61. Kevin / Evil ACC / Damage / Rework?
  62. [GEEU] Weird Unlimited Shot's crit rate cap
  63. Rare characters and PVE.
  64. The 30 Day Pet food issue is being handled terribly
  65. Video Request | Hermes In Sedecram
  66. [KGE] Kael and Kaito, Le'Fay Brothers
  67. [GEEU] Marchetti Event Costume
  68. [KGE] Lady Rachel and Lead Manager Rachel
  69. [KGE] Daria d'Arc
  70. [KGE] Eileen and Rubiana, Thief and Noble
  71. GE Character Rank
  72. Viki and autobaron
  73. [GEEU] rosa blanca recruitment
  74. GE Shooting Character Rank
  75. [KGE] Lada, The Goddess of Earth
  76. New character Lada Video
  77. Adriana and Adelina's new stance in pvp action.
  78. [KGE] Saint Berthe and Memento Anis, Real Fate
  79. Post your top 3 favourite/worst Granado Espada Character list :)!
  80. [KGE] Doom Slave, Paladin of the Abyss
  81. [KGE] Ada "Calyce" Wong
  82. Magic dps ranking ??
  83. [KGE] Misaki, fan-robot of Evil Machina
  84. Misa Machina - Secret Birth History !!
  85. Who shall I get for my 3rd character?
  86. Misa dps vs other dps?? mdps
  87. How buy characters
  88. Question regarding Judith and Empyrium Judith personal buff
  89. how to increase physical range damage?
  90. pene lumin vs attack lumin physical n magic
  91. What Stats should I add regarding complex stance?
  92. [Developer's Note] Lord-of-Death, Kurt !!
  93. What is a good artefact for Hermes?
  94. Debuffers in raids
  95. [KGE] Coa and Guardian of the Drago Ban, Childs of Snake
  96. hector
  97. [Developer's Note] Predator CoA and Guardian CoA - Birth History !
  98. Grandies costume Vampire Look... Where to buy?
  99. [KGE] Kiss Fluke, "Kiss my lightning cue"
  100. [Developer's Note] Kiss Fluke !!
  101. Nena costume
  102. For pvp
  103. [KGE] Sakura Yoshino and Sakura Hime, Lovely Cherry Blossom
  104. Stock fighter
  105. [Developer's Note] Sakura !!
  106. [KGE] Aisha, The Sleeping not so Beauty
  107. [Developer's Note] Aisha !!
  108. [KGE] Navas, The Memory Eater!
  109. Navas 3rd skill how strong vs magic dpser
  110. [KGE] Ru and Guardian Ru, Descendants of Ancients
  111. Best RNPC to replace a stock Fig?
  112. Guardian Lu vs Doom?
  113. Good DPS for Soling BHH?
  114. The Gladiatrix costume for female fighter
  115. The best characters for PVP!
  116. Amy which skill do not max
  117. Judith vs Guardian Ru (with doom) (PVE)
  118. Guardian lu question
  119. Miha
  120. How to build Hermes?
  121. Is Lisa STR, HP or AGI?
  122. Rubi or Doom
  123. Does mdps excel in ranks?
  124. [KGE] Kassandra, Guardian of Quiritatio
  125. Young Barrel
  126. Barrel on high def boss???
  127. [KGE] Moon, Burlon with cool mustache
  128. [KGE] Niko, the last Paladin
  129. [KGE] Nike, The Last Paladin of Distorted Armonia
  130. Looking for advice, melee dps
  131. I need some advice from Lada pro users.
  132. [KGE] Archbishop... His beloved Ornella still alive.
  133. [KGE] Ornella Chesti! Just an ordinary woman...
  134. Miho / Miha Enhancements/Lumins/Attibutes
  135. [KGE] Charlotte, the Mistress of the Fire!