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  1. Here People can suggest Ideas !!
  2. Suggestions 02/24/17
  3. Navyfield EU Discord?
  4. Navyfield Europe suggestions
  5. the Trade Channel
  6. Navyfield Europe suggestions 2
  7. Radioman level and Fleet
  8. About Old Accounts
  9. Johnny's Suggestion Corner
  10. Andria Doria KM up or nerf RM
  11. [Suggestion] SS1 in BK
  12. Splitting up game modes to levels!
  13. Suggestions about the "monster ship event"
  14. Something else not realy belonging here even thou sort of it does
  15. [NFEU] KM Andrea Doria buff (or not)
  16. Please make neuts tradeable, like on old NFEU
  17. [NFEU] Better Deals for customer and seller (NF Store and Special Currency)
  18. NF GM Ts3?
  19. Suggestion: communication on what NFEU team is working on
  20. CV and Fighter/Dive Bomber/Torpedo Bomber level potential problem.
  21. Penalty for living the fleet
  22. Navyfield improvements
  23. General improvements
  24. [NFEU] BB6 & CV6 Decrease Costs back to old ?
  25. Nation specific forum
  26. [NFEU] Facebook
  27. larger playerbase
  28. [NFEU] Ebb
  29. World at war rooms
  30. Navyfield Update /Patch /Gamerooms/ Even /Steam
  31. [NFEU] Few players.
  32. no more vets-death
  33. [NFEU] Possibility for lvl 60 neutral purchases
  34. please bring back Blitz 1941!!!! PLEASE.
  35. PLS Come back Users to play Navyfield
  36. [NFEU] Automated message
  37. A little discount
  38. [NFEU] Lower number of players for HAs and BB4/5/6 tournaments
  39. New system of rank sruff