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  1. Hi for all!!!
  2. OMG.. am I first?
  3. Good Evening
  4. How do EuroGamez look at the promotion chars?
  5. My list of questions
  6. Hi
  7. Forum Rules
  8. Alpha-Test (Deutsche Player)
  9. Facebook Page
  10. Alpha Test Feedback
  11. Healer does not heal when knocked down
  12. Game Management
  13. Game Crash after 5-12 patch
  14. Ping and FPS ingame commands
  15. Alpha Test Feedback
  16. GE Advertising team
  17. Kind of Notice ^^ - Join Twitter and Game Client, Facebook, Translation and CBT
  18. About Likes of post in this GEEU forum (Important!)
  19. The way EG dealing with game
  20. CBT Open time
  21. Hey!
  22. CBT Questions
  23. (Poll) No WIPE data during Beta phases
  24. 1680x1050 resolution issue?
  25. CBT Wipe
  26. What is your first team set-up?
  27. Cres equiments?
  28. Barrack Slots
  29. Different rules regarding registering an ID and logging in.
  30. In what section do we write on the forum when we find a bug?
  31. GEEU OPEN SERVICE DATE will be released tomorrow!
  32. Lyndon Box 5E?
  33. Is the server shut down right now?
  34. No warning or heads up..
  35. Severs are back to online
  36. So uhm, when will OBT date be announced?
  37. GEEU Open Service will be 17th of Dec !!!
  38. Cross PvP - Cresement equipment
  39. My characters are speaking in Korean
  40. Let us choose: Crescemento
  41. Crescemento, Pioneering, Crescemento+Pioneering
  42. zwei Fragen - Wiederbeleben und F
  43. http://granado-espada.eu/en/News/eventView/63
  44. Server Status
  45. Thx to EG or IMC
  46. AW and CW
  47. What Patch In This Server??? First Begin GE Patch?? Renaisance or Viron Or Bristian?
  48. Botter's!!!
  49. Add russian symbols
  50. Afternoon Scheduled Maintenance
  51. What happened to our Lyndon Boxes?!
  52. Buffs? O:
  53. Botter's
  54. spiel sartet nur eine fehlermeldung kommt
  55. Rio Quest
  56. By using macros in-game, your account will be suspended.
  57. Did Server Down ?
  58. Event Rare character Card?
  59. Use Youre Voices Here For Vote !!
  60. [Update]Alpha + Beta Testers Reward Notice (Congratulation!)
  61. cash shop launch
  62. Starter package for newbies
  63. PC slows down badly
  64. Best gear thread
  65. Lolly Pop
  66. Email verification policy on the website has been changed.
  67. The Operation of GE Pioneering Faction.
  68. GEEU Wiki Open and need Veteran's helps !
  69. relationship between level and drop rate?
  70. Ui themes
  71. [Update]Emergency maintenance is done and game servers are back to online now.
  72. Letizia Shiny Box
  73. Are you ready to start the Colony War?
  74. Unoffical Pre-Notice of Next week Tuesday Patch details!!!
  75. +5 anti-destroy: normal
  76. bot report count
  77. how to master 5 chars in a day??!!
  78. Bot Report
  79. Botter DeFOX
  80. World Cross PVP
  81. Geeu web shop is open today too !!
  82. Free EGC?
  83. 100 Lyndon Boxes: These are my results
  84. Bot users will be punished severely
  85. Report errors? Image Can not download?
  86. Barrack Slot License
  87. Merry Christmas And Happy New Year ;)
  88. bot report during raids
  89. About Bot Report Function (Emergency Maintenance decided)
  90. How to receive event rewards items
  91. Finally PaySafeCard is Online Now !
  92. Bug in pioneering memorial quest.
  93. The GEEU Cash Shop is Overpriced
  94. Special Event Price of -40% Lyndon Box for Web Shop Open Celebration! (web shop only)
  95. Granado Espada - Reign of Botters
  96. IS maint or ?
  97. GEEU Shop Price and Items will be changed Next Tuesday !!!
  98. Please Do Not Use Bot Programs, We don't want to ban Normal Fans Account!!!
  99. By abusing bot tool with multi account, those accounts will be suspended.
  100. Suggestion
  101. GE in 2014 !
  102. Unbanned botters?
  103. GEEU Shop Change Preview HERE!
  104. To all Proud pioneers ! [ 18th of Jan, 6 pm CET 1st round+2nd round together! ]
  105. [Updated]Result of Join & Play in Event Zone with GM event
  106. Forum Likes Reward by Bonus EG-Cash for Dec of 2013! Join more and get Bonus EG-Cash!
  107. [Event] Have you played Granado Espada before GEEU ???
  108. Special Reward for No.3 named Faction in Colony War Board !!!
  109. Botters still running wild
  110. Bot Report
  111. X-Trap cant access the Internet?
  112. Emergency Maintenances????
  113. Big bug!
  114. Attendance event of rose wing issue has been solved.
  115. ideas for improvements
  116. revisions_v2txt(626)
  117. GEEU German Translation Project Reward of Bonus EG-Cash for Dec of 2013 !!!
  118. Cibaz family botting in Shelter of Resistance
  119. 2014 Jan Update News and Future Plans !!!
  120. Question about character promotion
  121. French translation
  122. I'm in prison Underground, I need help of the adm or players!!!
  123. [22/01]Item Protection issue has been fixed
  124. New Payment Methods - Mopay Russia and Romania
  125. WorldPVP and daily and Weekly Boosting Event, Next Tuesday!
  126. What will happen to the server?
  127. WorldPVP Beta Version Problems and Informations !! - Report here please!
  128. Urgent Maintenance for System Migration is scheduled this Thursday Morning.
  129. [Important POLL] Colony War Reset Period !! Give your opinions now!
  130. [ POLL ] Let's decide the WorldPVP Open time by our hands !!!
  131. Is the server down? cant log in the game
  132. Grind Fest
  133. still cant log in
  134. [Preview added] GEEU Official Announcement for completely Shop Changing!
  135. Thank you GEEU!
  136. [Complete] Emergency maintenance has been done and server goes online.
  137. Hedarius sell items for real money
  138. Viron's areas
  139. GEEU Web site will be translated with Russian and German soon!
  140. Renewal of GEEU Translation Project web pages will be launched tomorrow!
  141. ustiur Farm : random behaviour
  142. Problem with forum connection has been solved
  143. Feb 25th update pre-notice for shop change, GEMOCON and Event !
  144. POLL >> Change Server Clique Battle and Coloni War Time
  145. "Gear UP Your Spring Journey" Event condition has been added.
  146. Bot report issue
  147. March Big Update Detail Page will be online this week on Website !!!
  148. About the Premiun Wing Coupon...
  149. some1 send me report botters and now im stuck at underground prison
  150. Need seperate client?
  151. dragonic weapons
  152. The road event
  153. 12.03.2014: System down due to Problem at DataCenter
  154. Cresmo Gear Poll
  155. [Updated!] March Big Update Details Announced Now! (20.67.61 Version)-Please check!
  156. GM Help Pls!~
  157. Premium wing cupons?
  158. What to master for Vesping?
  159. Cash Shop prices for upgrading are a joke...
  160. racials?
  161. caisse weapon
  162. which fighter expert stances to train?
  163. GE UI skins
  164. is it normal for boss monsters to get a chunk of their hp back after a strong hit?
  165. Stats after Master lvl 10
  166. why GEEU dont see this event abuse
  167. Faction raid mission exp
  168. How to get zodiac symbols?
  169. Quests you must do?
  170. ancient blessing buff
  171. What's the game like compared to the US version
  172. New player to GEEU
  173. Now pet food back to 2.4k feso ea, intentional or?
  174. Rare characters whats so special?
  175. rnpc replacements for stock chars?
  176. shiny golden thing
  177. GEEU Webgame
  178. family reputation
  179. Chars for the following teams?
  180. bahama forest of prophets
  181. Today Clique Battle will be 4pm (not 100%) and Colony War will be 9:30pm !!!
  182. i keep getting disconnected
  183. NA player looking for Clan :)
  184. Medals
  185. Urgent Pioneer Supply Thing
  186. Who has more unfinished quests? ^^
  187. Jack Hammers explained
  188. Spacebar afk ranged dps list plz
  189. Can't login to my account. is there any problem with server?
  190. Exp division after master 15
  191. This game needs editors and grammarians
  192. VOTE: Castila Entrance FEE
  193. Any NA CSers?
  194. Tears imba ki... abuser
  195. Gratz to make the Game playable again :)
  196. Gearing Up (Stances and Armour)
  197. Please remove XTrap from GEEU
  198. Hey, Let's talk about Viki's Trance Robo quest
  199. ~Bernkastel is so rude
  200. GM abuse in game ?
  201. Which 3 chars to expert using cards?
  202. Cant join to account on site or event "Gear UP"
  203. Best Chars for Pole/GS?
  204. Legion War Thread
  205. Quick way of levelling expert stances like Darkness W/O Cards?
  206. Ion Time Paradox Squad
  207. New Member need a help
  208. [The Ways of vice faction leader election GE Pioneering Faction.]
  209. Poison Yard and so on
  210. репорты
  211. transfer of account GE usa to GE eu..
  212. Is Claire good for PVE?
  213. Promotion Recipe - Stance, what are they?
  214. omg really?
  215. 30 Day Pet Food - How does it work?
  216. What was the number of fails for upgrade weapon or armor you got most?
  217. Viron questline w/ Crescemento?
  218. Magical Uniconrs
  219. The ways of Vice GE Pioneering faction leader election. [June]
  220. Question from a "refugee"...
  221. Well this is interesting....
  222. IDC location of Germany, Network outage situation has been recovered !
  223. Grace/Musketeer/Emilia or Grace/Fighter/Emilia?
  224. Best elementalist of the game!
  225. Warp License
  226. Ban ?
  227. please stop sell cash shop weapons recipes
  228. GEEU plz help me
  229. 404 not found best clan ever
  230. "hidden" GEEU in-game event
  231. Tired of faction wars
  232. Changing back the Clique Battle + Colony War Time
  233. Cant log-in game
  234. Armonia Update Suggestion....GEEU needs your Ideas !!!
  235. Armonia Update Preview of Images ( Brief version ) !!!
  236. Starter question about the server
  237. Clique Battle Info needed
  238. Server changes (Suggestions)
  239. stuck with quest.....Qualify prooffor secret tower...i need quide..pls help me...
  240. Armonia Update detail on 22nd of July next week !
  241. [Recruitment] : GE Pioneering Faction deputy leader. (Aug.-Sept.)
  242. We miss GM_Kalel
  243. New player incoming
  244. So.... which rare characters have been released so far?
  245. e100 Serie
  246. Для русскоязычных игроков
  247. Lag
  248. Hi Everyone
  249. Lightning gate
  250. Issue with Elementium?