View Full Version : Expert Stance book pricing support

04-04-2014, 10:18 AM
Hello Everyone,
I would like to suggest a pricing modification on expert stance shop or some kind of support for expert stance books.
There are two reasons for this:
A. The server is still fresh and most new comers are not rich enough to buy every stances they would like to purchase yet. 20M for 2 Elemental jewels could be too heavy as currently the game has over 100 unique characters for each family. It adds up.

B. Symbols are still considered rare from roulettes and the market we have right now does not have a good supply and good pricing on it. Sometimes we have to pay about another 20M for a rare symbol to unlock stance.(which makes it 40M just for one stance.)

For these two reasons, I would like to propose some kind of support for players to buy stance books cheaper. (Something like a stance book box that gives random stance except ultra rare ones, a stance book set(for all basic character's stances),or modify the pricing in emillia's stance shop for a reasonable amount of time so more players can train up faster and play easier on high end contents.

Alternatively, there is a quest from emillia in version 20.77.26 that gives up to 3 free stance books(except ET) by repeating secret tower mission everyday. I hoped that our dear staff could think of something that can help this fresh server for a boost in terms of quantity of experienced new comers from other versions!