View Full Version : Please add these forgotten 92 elites to the roulette please...

04-04-2014, 12:22 PM
Although most of us are looking for higher end weapons that is over 32ar to start with...
There were a series of forgotten cash 92es that no one talks about.
Since 30 base ar stuff are not so attractive anymore, I would like to suggest to put them in roulettes so we can still get or use them.

Sword: Kotetsu 225 Attack 30AR (hidden option: Human +15%)
Rapier: Elegant Rose 190Attack 30AR (hidden option: Fear 5%)
Sabre: Katana 247 Attack 30AR (hidden option: Attack speed +10%)
GreatSword: Notachi 418Attack 30AR (hidden option: -15% attack speed)
Polearm: Naginata 316 Attack 30AR
Dagger: Small Frozen Fish 168 Attack 30AR (hidden option: +3 penetration)
Javelin: Frozen Fish 233 Attack 30AR (hidden option: Freeze 10% attack speed +8%)
Blunt: Toy Hammer 239Attack 30Ar (Hidden option: Stun 7%)
Knuckle: Star Knuckle 183Attack 30AR(Stun 7%)
Leg-Guard: Star Leg-Guard 140Attack 30AR (Stun 7% def +6)
Rifle: Crystal Shooter 359Attack 30AR
Pistol: Elite Magnum 253Attack 30AR (Critical +5)
Silver Striker 253 ATttack 30ar (undead +20%)
Shotgun: Crystal Shotgun 246Attack 30AR (attack speed +10%)
Cannon: Fish Cannon 485 Attack 30AR
Crossbow: Cherry Blossom Crossbow 337 attack 30AR (ACC+10 def penetration +10 Fear3%)
LoE: Elemental Bracelet 245Attack 29AR
Skullic Bracer: Silver Skullic Bracer 253Attack 30AR
Rod: Elite Magic Bloom 281Attack 30AR
Cherry Blossom Stick 281 Attack 30AR (Fear 10%)
Lute: Demonic Lute 246Attack 30AR (Human +20%)
Rosario: Enhanced Silver Rosario 5def 0DR HP recovery+1000

I hoped that they would be obtainable in the game in some way, Please don't let these weapons die!!

04-04-2014, 03:56 PM
+1, more loot lpz ^^