View Full Version : Rise Master even more ^^

04-04-2014, 04:58 PM
I Would suggest to rise master to even more, now we have master until 15 ^^ ok there are no ar.dr benefits still some hp and family level ++, I just soon will be master 15 :D and how to say rly like my team and don't want to exp other character, does anyone feel the same?
Its just a suggestion but the exp needed for one character to 1-100is i think much less that needed to get like master 10-11, are we getting the same family level ++ for this?
Just saying that thee could be like master hmm - unlimited level , like 150 or 200, and by exping one team for like 3 months and getting master 150 would give you same family exp as if you were leveling new characters for 3 months, ok that would cut your income of barrack selling slots but just think of something else... like boost packs , master+ and so on.

Ok im lazy and just want to focus on my 2-3 teams, don't see any point of having 100 veterans in my barracks that i will never ever use again, just the ones quest need.

I thins this was nagging me this last days, i was thinking that soon my team will be master 15 and i will need to start that boring new character exping for family level, then i realized that it will be pain cos vesping is hardcore and so on , well you can see a pattern why i wa posting that, so does anyone else feel like better spending his time to keep leveling his main team even more instead of leveling new characters?

04-05-2014, 02:51 AM
high master (m11) +1ar/dr soon in armonia patch.

04-05-2014, 03:05 AM
high master (m11) +1ar/dr soon in armonia patch.

thats nice!! :D still my point was on family exping this time, to be able to get same family level by spending time on one team instead on spending same time on many many many characters you never use again