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04-23-2014, 12:35 PM
Aloha Hope you all Doing well and having fun with the New GEEU server .
I know its Pain to do all this Quests again for the ppl who come from Sword 2 T3fun GE ... but we have some things maybe u can do them faster for players ...
1) Soup Quest if u add the Soup to CS or Feso Shop that will help alot for faster Questing in the game
2) Getting Keys for some Raids that needed for Quests maybe add randomly to market some keys or add it to small fee on feso? i dont know just list down what u need or like..
3) the Rewards in Lynd boxes maybe can b changing the small rewards that dose not even match the price? i know its have crazy items can get but let say player can buy only 10 boxes he need to b getting something to make his buy worth it but if he get Key or SC something like that on all 10 boxes << u think this player will buy again? most likely will b no as he get angry and possibly leave ...
4) I can see that adding some Items as helping out the players as Drag weapons some event items on the market ,
but i seen the prices all in Feso and its kinda High prices so i was checking maybe lower the prices litel and don't do it every day as then will b to much Dracs in the server and end up priceless items like what happens before on sword 2 and T3 , and same will go to other items if was added after ..
5) its just a Idea for chat system why dont u make the Whisper mode in the game little less complicated ,
like i have 3 ppl pm and now i have 3 boxes to look at and screen is taken by that boxes so why don't they be as in 1 box but have tabs ? i know there is 1 in system chat can b reading PM but if u warp to much u will b missing msgs and for me personally i like it in part from the rest .
6) Friends area in the game i know its cool game that mean we get alot friends and enemys but sometimes friends can b alot in the game and they are in different Clans and so on so the idea is ,
Making the Box where you add Friends more fun so i have 3 friends in clan X and 3 Friends in Clan B ... i can make a group in the friend box and name it Clan X or Clan B ... and ppl in the clan that are my friends i can put them in the group i know there who is who alot faster and know who to go to alot faster ...

ok this for now what i can think off but some more will come in the future and plz if you have any more things to add plz post down and so on , and For Game Masters if there is anything you need to know or ask and so on i can answer your questions too same to the players (players *game and game Idea Questions*) Plz keep it Polite thanks alot

05-08-2014, 09:04 PM
Thank you XxXVampiresXxX,

We will consider your ideas and keep refer them for improving this game.


05-09-2014, 10:28 AM
1) 2)
Again and again... "I don't want to play, I ve got $$$, please, let me skip quests..."

"Please, give free 32ar weapons!" 400k fesos for such a weapon is too expensive? then craft an e100 one! oh yeah, it s more than 400k...

5) 6)
yeah, could be nice, but seems complicated to implement and fit in screen... (more tabs than the width of the popup :) )