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03-24-2015, 11:47 AM
Ok guys. Here I am, at level 24, getting into Pro channel. I tought it will be hard, but not impossible. People have no mercy here, you get into a room, you get asked about your level, and 80% of the time you get kicked because let's face it, no lvl 40+ wants to play with a lvl 24 noob. That's what you are when you get in the Pro channel, a "noob", and people won't understand why that's happening, even tho they've been there before you, facing the same issues.

Yet here I am, a decent lvl 24 Center who was used to won most reb/block fights struggleling to touch the ball at all. Not to mention how hard it is to actually get into a game as a low level "pro". I'm looking for advice, for a few tips that might help me face the high level rebbers, and improve my gameplay('cuz that's FS2 about right? getting better and better?).

1) Now that I have Power Rebound when do I use that? Does this skill "replace" the standard rebound, or it should be use only on long rebs? Is the standard reb higher than power reb?

2) Chip Out skill. How much should be used? Is there any situation where a Chip Out is better than a Reb/Power Reb?

3) How do I face high lvl, high tussle, with SP Box Out Cs or PFs?

4) How do I face PFs with swarm out skill?

5) Extra tips and tricks for a C?(if u have any)

I know that's a lot to answer to, but I really appreciate you help! I want to get into the game and be able to stand on my feet, instead being a burden to my team and having a few tips might actually help me!

Thanks in advice,

03-26-2015, 07:58 PM
Dear RottenC,

Deeply understand your feeling and this game is competative game in the world ^^

Here is my humble tips ;

1. Power rebound has the less steal situation than normal rebound. It's lower height than normal rebound but it's cool ^^

2. Chip Out is very important skill for Pros. You need to train and have to use in game with Pros.

3. I think you need to focus on defense first in the match with Pros. Pros will love you and be a friend.

4. Hard to explain....

5. .....

I hope other Pros can give you a great tip for your Center Position ^^

Team EuroGameZ

03-26-2015, 09:19 PM
1. Power rebound is for long distance rebounds rebounds you can't reach with the normal rebound range, use power rebound with running (shift) for more boost to the rebound

2. Use chip out in situations where it's too close or if you are getting tussled out badly.
Also use it if there's a good putback dunker or tip in C/PF so they will miss it.

3. Get higher lvl and get those passives too, nothing to about it at first, how faster u box out the C,PF how more advantage so try to be fast and in front of him as fast as u can

4. look at the direction the swarm on and tussle them out there, everytime they change with swarm again, repeat

5. Tip in shot is most of the time faster animation then a rebound.
Putback dunk rarely misses