View Full Version : I have a couple of questions.

04-15-2015, 02:48 PM
Hello I'm fairly new to this game,a SF that is only level 12.

I want to ask:

1.What are the special characters?Do they get +40 attibute points from lvl 1?Then what is the point of a "normal" character?(Can I get them for free?Cause' I like Jack from buzzer beater I think?)

2.Why can't I level up some attributes more?They're stuck at +5 and it won't let me press the + button.

3.Is this game worth the time?Seems a little p2w at high levels/

04-15-2015, 03:40 PM
1. Yes, its always +40. Some SPC have their own stat + in addition. 50 laps, 50 lvl and it yours.(Only Buzzer Beater but Jack is exactly this team :D)
2. You need 3 training point to make the sixth upgrade(1-5(1 point), 6-10(3 points), 11-15( 5 points), 16-20(7points)
3. It's always p2w when you are losing.. But when you get some skill this game is based on skill first of all being play2win