View Full Version : [FS2EU] Thanksgiving Event !!

11-25-2015, 01:05 PM

Event period: 11/25 - 12/8 (before the maintenance)



1.) For every team or individual matches you play or every hour you stay logged-in
you will earn SP Box Keys.


2.) Collect SP Box Keys and open or upgrade the SP Box.


3.) Rewards on SP Boxes:

SP Box

SP Golden Box

10 Card Upgrade Spray
Toy Manual (M) x 5
Double-up Sponsor (3D)
10 Freestyle Tickets
5 Item Ball

SP Star Box

5 Card Upgrade Spray
5 Toy Coin
Point Sponsor (3D)
5 Freestyle Tickets
3 Item Ball

SP Major Box

3 Card Upgrade Spray
3 Toy Coin
Double-up Sponsor (1D)
3 Freestyle Tickets
3 Card Ball

SP Rookie Box

1 Card Upgrade Spray
1 Toy Coin
Point Sponsor (1D)
1 Freestyle Ticket
1 Card Ball

** Once you open the box the box will reset to SP Rookie Box.

** SP Boxes are random boxes; the rewards are not always the same.

** You won't be able to claim the rewards after the event period.

Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

-Team FreeStyle 2