View Full Version : [FS2EU] Epic Coin Shop Event !!!

02-17-2016, 03:00 PM

Event Period: 02/17 – 3/01
Event Details:
Earn Epic coin shop and exchange it for awesome items!

How to earn Epic Coins?

You can earn Epic Coin every after 2 Team matches and every 20 minutes
that you are in-game.

1.You can acquire 10 Epic Coins from every 2 matches.
( maximum of 100 coins in a day / max 20 matches)
2.You can acquire 5 Epic Coins for every 20 minutes that you stay online in a day.
(for 120 mins, maximum of 30 Epic Coins per a day)
3.You can get Epic Coins only from the 3 on 3 Team match, not individual match.

Check out the items you can get in the epic coin store:


>>Main Rewards<<

Dark Force S. Mask FX (Permanent)
Dark Force S. Gloves FX (Permanent)
Dark Force S. Necklace FX (Permanent)
Dark Force S. Boots FX (Permanent)

Smile Mouse Helmet (Y) FX

Legend Material Cards - Cards that can be only used as material for
Card Fusion and Card Upgrade. This card counted as Legend rank card.


Earn coins and collect all these items in the Epic coin shop!

Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

-Team FreeStyle2