View Full Version : [GEEU] Lags and Re-entry System Problem

03-22-2016, 10:34 PM
Hi, it's me... again :o
First, i wonder why it's so lag lately, i got like 10 sec delay when moving in the city like Armonia, sometime even worse... i check my net connection, and they're fine, well usually, still red ping all the time but the delay are less severe. i wonder if it's only me tho, maybe anyone out there experiencing the same problem ?

now, onto the second problem, so it's about re-entry system to most of the raid (if not all). problem is, whenever i disconected(which happen really a lot lately) i kinda stuck in the barrack, i mean, when i try to re-enter the on-going mission, the game keep kicking me out. and sometime eventually missed the chance to re-enter at all, losing the progress of the mission.
and again, could it be the problems is really on my end ? if so, maybe some advice to fix it ?