View Full Version : [FS2EU] Crew League Season 2 Event !!

04-28-2016, 03:26 PM

Crew Coin x2 buff time!
Event period: 04/27~5/10 23:59

Acquire double the crew coins after every after Crew League match for two weeks!
This is your chance to level up your crew so do not miss out on it!


Play with your crew and enjoy your double crew coins!
**If you want to know more about Crew Coin, check here:Link (http://freestyle2.gamekiss.com/gameguide/gmguide/2980)

Crew League Season 2!

Crew League Event Period:
from this Friday, April 29th 00:00 (server time)

Before you check out the update info,
Check out the more important info for all you ballers!

1. Don't forget to join a Crew before the Crew League starts!
(by Thursday April 28th 23:59)
You won’t be able to receive the Crew League rewards if you join a crew after the Crew League starts.

2. Future tournament requirement will be based on Crew League Ranking, not Crew EXP.
Now your Crew must participate in Crew League to join the Crew Tournament.
By changing this requirement, new & active crew with small members will also have a chance to join Crew Tournament.

**If you want to know more about Crew League system, check here: Link (http://freestyle2.gamekiss.com/gameguide/gmguide/2891)

New Fetures of Crew League System

A) Get Crew Coins by playing a Crew League match.
- Need more Crew Coins? Play a Crew League match!

** If your team forfeits, you will not get any Crew Coins and
only the opposing team will get the winning rewards. (6 Crew Coins)

B) Special court for Crew League

- Enjoy the Crew League Match on a brand new court!

C) Winning Crew Emblem on the waiting court.

-The Crew emblem of the crew league winner will be placed on every waiting court,
including Individual Match, Team Match and Free Match.


D) Crew League On-air match

- Now all the ballers can watch the Crew League Match.
The match will be selected based on the both teams’ Crew Ranking.


E) Crew Rankings on the match loading screen

- Now you can check the ranking of the opponent team on the loading screen.

F) Raking Category

- Don’t forget to check out the Crew League season 2 Rankings
now in various ways available.


Join any crew today if you haven't tried the Crew League yet!