View Full Version : [FS2EU] Super Ticket Ball Event !!

06-09-2016, 12:21 PM

Do you want to obtain breathtaking skill or SPC Vending Machine tickets?

Then this event is what you are looking for!

Event Period:
06/08 - 06/21 23:59

Event Mechanics:

During the event period, you can earn special tickets by playing in the
team match (3 on 3 matches).


Ticket Ball mode Match win : 3 tickets
Ticket Ball mode Match Lose: 1 Ticket
Successful shoot with the ticket ball : 1 Ticket

Earn 200 tickets and Exchange it for 2nd Anniversary Gift box!

2nd Anniversary Gift box
Get one of the Following:

SPC Vending Machine Ticket
**Note: SPC Vending Machine Ticket will goes directly
to the Draw SPC event system.

Prism Card ++
Check out this game guide to know more about Prism Card++
[Link] (http://freestyle2.gamekiss.com/gameguide/gmguide/3053)

FreeStyle Skill Box

Special Skill Box

Freestyle: Scorpion Dunk and Frog Shot

Scorpion Dunk (C, PF, CT)

Frog Shot (SF, PG, SG, SW, DG)


Special Skill Box

-Team FreeStyle2