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10-24-2016, 02:40 PM

[Event 1]

- Through the following two ways, gather 'Smiling Halloween Pumpkin' and exchange various useful
items from Event NPC Tris in Halloween Event Shop.

(1) Daily Quest
- Please talk to Tris and receive the Halloween daily quest in Reboldoeux Officer Street.
- After complete Rank Missions and gather 'Delicious Pumpkin Seed' as the required amount form the quest.
- Possible to proceed the daily quest one more time per day with consuming Platinum Bar x 3. *edited

(2) Catch 'Boss Monster' in Infinito Challenge *edited
- Every steps of multiple of 5, players could need to kill the boss in Infinito Challenge.

- When a player defeat Infinito Challenge Boss monster, the player can obtain random rewards and one 'Smiling Halloween Pumpkin'.

*Random Rewards: Rare Character Box, Weapon Merchant Summon Stone, Expert / Veteran Enchant Chip. (All Event Items)

Halloween Event Shop

Item Name
Required items
(Smiling Halloween Pumpkin)

Event Jack O lantern Bag Appearance Coupon (New)

Event Leona Vampire Look

Event Calyce Vampire Look

Event Grandies Vampire Look

Event Valeria Vendetta Vampire Look

Event Leona Vampire Look

Event Code Name L Vampire Hair

Event Vendetta Vampire Hair

Reinforced Enchant Sedative (Event)

Socket Processing Tranquilizer (Event)

Event Coffin of Jack O' Lantern Appearance Coupon (New)

[Event 2]

- New Halloween Package Sales: 799 EGC (Ingame Cash Shop & Web Item Shop)

- Contents:
Happy Halloween Medal x 1 (New)
Custom Exchange Coupon (30 days) x 3
Purple Bat Wing Appearance Coupon x1 (New)

* Happy Halloween Medal: Penetration +2, Additional ATK to Undead and Demons +2%, HP Absorption +3%

[Event 3]

- Dreadful Halloween Sales in Web Item Shop: 30 ~ 50% Special Sale
- Period: Oct 25 ~ Nov. 1

(1) Items related with Enhancement: 50%
(2) Web Letizia Feso Gift Box: 30%
(3) Growth Stone Bundle Box: 50% (New GS X 50 Box will be added.)
(4) 4 kinds of Rare Pet Sales : 50 % (Rhinoceur, Diablo, Elephant and Noble Popo)

* The sales will be proceeded on the Web Item Shop Only.

Happy Halloween~!

10-26-2016, 11:32 AM
Nice event but only 1x seed a day, event lasts 15 days (including tuesday before maintenance), so 15x seeds, or 30x if you decide to pay 3m vis everyday. I guess you could get more with inifnito challenge but because i only have cres weapons i can't do that part of the event. Nice discount event though, might takae advantage of it

10-26-2016, 11:46 AM
*Pumpkins i meant not seeds lol

Atleast the discount event is really nice, thanks for that :)

10-26-2016, 12:36 PM
I love the pumpkin monster, can u just do random appear on all level of the challenge. That should be fun, instead of just killing boss. Spice it up.

10-27-2016, 12:41 AM
*Random Rewards: Rare Character Box, Weapon Merchant Summon Stone, Expert / Veteran Enchant Chip. (All Event Items)

Evil/Strata Devil

10-27-2016, 01:16 AM
I wish the amount of Smiling Halloween Pumpkin wasn't so high for costumes... Just like Meteora wrote, we can get only one costume (or so) during the event. And this is mostly IF you attend everyday. I missed the vampire costumes last year, it's disappointment for me. If this event had lower prices like in the original polyester event of Andre, it'd have been better. Still, thank you. It's nice tho to see there is a new wing coupon included for free, rather than an exclusive releasing in cash shop.