View Full Version : [FS2EU] Santa MOD Results Event !!

12-15-2016, 12:06 PM

Merry Christmas Ballers!

The day has come to announce the lucky ballers that will be playing a match
with the Santa MODs for a chance to win a SP Legend Card Deck of their choice!

Check below to see if you've been chosen to play!

** Remember that the match will be broadcasted in game and we will be
choosing one more team of 3 lucky Ballers!

The [GM] team will be holding trivia questions
regarding Christmas and the ones that get them right will be given a chance to

So remember to come and watch the event on December 17th!

Event Schedule and Chosen Players:


** If a baller does not attend the event, we will choose a player who will replace
the slot via the trivia quiz

Once again, congratulations to the lucky ballers that have been chosen and don’t
forget to come by on December 17th!

-Team FreeStyle2