View Full Version : Let's Improve Together GEEU (Translation Report Event)

12-10-2013, 11:07 AM
Dear GEEU Fans,

Try to find out in-game bugs (function & language) and report them through the GEEU Forum into Bug report board.

Event period
10th of Dec. - 17th of Dec, 2013

* Note
1. Valid only for the reports written proper and comprehensive.
2. When the same reports arrive from different users the first report will be taken into consideration for reward.
3. Double reports from the same user will be excluded.
4. Only one report per user will be considered.
5 With Reward EGC(Eurogame Cash) you can purchase in-game Items after CS.

Contents of Prize
500 Bonus EGC(Eurogame Cash)

Result Announcement
The result will be announced on the GEEU event board.

Go to report (http://forum.granado-espada.eu/forumdisplay.php?23-Internal-Test-Report)