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    [NFEU] Youtube channel

    Hi all.

    I saved a replay the other day and I was wondering how I upload the vid to Youtube? I tried uploading it as it was but it said invalid file format. I tried importing it to Windows Movie...
  2. Distorted World First Contact By Hildy

    That was quite amusing. Im guessing that when autocylus said sleep and the criminals didnt fall asleep the attack failed? Oh well. Funny stuff.
  3. Distorted World First Contact Impossible Wish Bezaleel Family

    Cobalt Glad to see you engaging the First Contact/Splashdown storyline again. Ill be reading Chapter 2 tomorrow night Ill only be online briefly tonight. Keep it coming...M.o.S.
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    Sticky: UpdateHow to report an issues

    I am having a litle issue when saving an XDF, when i have added a new features to it.
    The problem is that the X-labels change when the XDF is loaded in to TunerproRT again. Am i having issues with...
  5. Kosima Adventures from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

    If you have a problem with it not delivering enough gas in cold weather, draw some hot water from the faucet and slowly pour over the tank to warm it a little.
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    SatisFaction is growing up Join now

    Im game for a bit of this. If were using XB for coordination Ill need to buy a char, if its all done via VOIP, I have an account I can use.
  7. Thread: LF friends

    by Kamteexia

    LF friends

    And now I hit the 3 friends requirement on research, so I need 3 more.Between the four of us, its totally plausible we could find a middle ground to train, since we are all in WI or IL
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