bok Extension of Family level allowed to stay in GE pioneering faction & more....
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    Extension of Family level allowed to stay in GE pioneering faction & more....

    Dear Staff,
    I received a lot of comments regarding being kicked out of GE pioneering faction too early. To be honest, family level26 is not quite ready for a regular faction as most of the more personal quests are not done.
    Another thing is, I don't think people have difficulty playing with the game until they reach about family level 26-30.That's the time they start to use up the given items from family box.
    Therefore, I would like to ask for an increase for the family level limit for both the GE faction also the items received from family box. Thank you!

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    I have already voiced my opinion about this earlier ingame, but might aswell do it here too. Basically I agree with 26 being too low. As a new player I really don't think I was ready to go out into the world and real factions at 26. I felt quite lost and it took some time before I dared to join a faction (mostly because I knew nothing about higher lvl gameplay, gear, PvP and so on - I still know nothing about most of those things). After my first 24+ hours in that faction I left because I was in no way ready to defend myself in open PvP so I got killed alot - and the game stopped being fun because of that. I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been ready for raids either now that I've seen how those work So now I'm playing on my own again, trying to figure out what gear I should look for and so on.

    About the items, I think I had to use my first Soul Crystal at 25-26 so after I hit 27 I had loads of those "newbie" items in my inventory and I couldn't use them anymore when I actually started really needing them.
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    +1. up to lvl 30 for novice is good, i can't remember using any of my novice items, it would've helped me a lot when i started doing raids T_T.

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    yea i think it would be better,
    of they really feal ready then can leave the clan.

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    The Master event as well as the exp bonus certainly doesn't help how long you do stay in the Pioneering Faction.

    On the one hand I do agree that the Fam lvl of staying in the Pioneering faction should be raised much higher.

    On the other hand I Don't know if that same raise should be extended to the Items you get. Think about it. It isn't that difficult to remain under fam level 30 (for example) and clear Most end-quests utilizing the Free SC's and TF's.

    If that is the case how would GE EU Make any money?

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    I feel ya. But, I think I have to ask, what clan did you join? Clans are supposed to be both freindly and supportive. The members of the clan should have offered help in these things. you can tag along most "real" clans in things like CMines, CT, TOC and just absorb the experience until you learn how. It sounds to me like you may have had a lot more of a faction failure rather than a personal preparedness one.
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