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    Unhappy Fail to receive download list, revisions_v2.txt(626)

    Error 626.jpg
    Dear GM,
    when I open my Client, it can not updated, and show error "Fail to receive download list, revisions_v2.txt(626)", can you help me to find the way to solve it?

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    Jul 2014
    Dear WWH,

    Please find 'updater.revision.txt' file in Program files/ Granado Espada / Eu_Client and open the file.
    And then, please change the number to 1326 and save the file. -> Run GE again.

    If you have further question or problem, please contact our support team.

    Thank you,

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    Jan 2014
    just had the bug and now i can't log in .

    i just exit the client then when i relaunched it gives a msg "The server name or address could not be resolved" and that revision msg above...

    @GM_J i tried what you suggested and it still didn't work. tried reset router and other obvious stuff. still no good...
    anything you can add would be appreciated... thx

    Edit: nvm the above, suddenly launcher started working after many tries -.-
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    Sir GM!
    im facing the same problem here....
    i did what you said, changing the number into 1326 in the "updater.revision.txt" but still the problem persist.

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    GM please fix main site. Its down. It's probably the reason why I can't download the latest patch and i'm receiving this error.

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    any GM please, we need assistance here..we cant patch the game, changing the number from updater revision didn't work at all..every time i tried to click support for further assistance but its error

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    what happen im just playing earlier but when i restarted my computer the error "revisions_v2.txt(626)" pops up and the launcher isn't patching anymore.

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    We feel sorry for any inconveniences.
    Now we are checking the problem and will try to fix as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    GEEU TEAM Support Area:
    - Support Ticket:
    - Email Support:

    GEEU Website:
    Game Download

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    i cant still patch the game...i dont know what else to do..please need help

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    my update revision is 2130

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