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    Pre-Announcement of Armonia Final Update

    Hello Fans,

    Since Armonia 1st update, it was a long story till Armonia 5th, final. Thank you for your support and interest for Granado Espada meantime.

    Finally, we announce about Armonia Final Update on 24th of February 2015. (Version - 23.94.28)
    The patch will be included the second of GE Renaissance update with New Weapon Enhance System
    and Mission Change as we informed earlier. Related events also are waiting for players as well.

    New Contents

    1. Remaining bullet checking function will be added.
      - MCC UI, in the left Minimize button, the number of current Possession Bullets will
      - According to the number of bullets, the icon will be;
      1) 0 - 9,999 : Red
      2) 10,000 - 22,767 : Orange
      3) 22,768 - 32,767 : Green
      - If you equipped a kind of Portable bullet, it will be shown with remaining time.

    2. Check box icon has been added to the lower left corner in 'Cash Item' inventory.
      (Shows only current 'Using period item')
      - When you log out, this function will be unchecked.

    3. Armonia final scenario quest will be added.
      - After completing '[Whisper of Devil]' Crossed mind quest and warping to any town,
      the quest mail will be delivered.

    4. Anis recruitment quest will be applied.
      - After finishing '[Epilogue] The remaining ones, and…' quest, you can receive the
      quest mail when you come to Armonia.
    5. New character 'Elizabeth' will be added.
      - Equipped with Special Bracelet, she can use [Drawing], her exclusive stance.
      - [Drawing] stance and skill ring will be added to 'Stance Ring Box' and 'Chester's Ring Box'.
      - Job skill rings won't be added.

    6. New recruitment character 'Anis' will be added.
      - [Placedez] stance and skill rings will be added to 'Stance Ring Box' and 'Curan's Ring Box'.
      - [Placedez] stance book :
      'Page - Placedez' can be obtanable from Armonia daily mission reward box in a certain chance.
      Another way to get the stance book is to trade with 'Memento Mori' in Armonia Apostadero.
      ([Placedez] stance book x 1 for 10 of Page - Placedez)

    7. New areas, 'Armonia, El Soltado' and 'Armonia, El Adio', will be added.
      - You can move to 'El Soltado' from 'Armonia, El Templo'.
      - You can move to 'El Adio' from 'Armonia, El Soltado'.

    8. The seal of 'Dullahan Kabeza' in Armonia El Templo' will be released.
      - 'Dullahan, Kabeza' will respawn between 12 and 24 hours since the moment it was killed.

    9. New story will be added to Story book.
      - In every Armonia field or dungeon, players can get 'Ornella's postcard' with a certain probability.

    10. New item, 'Valeron's powder' will be added.
      - When you fail to enhance 33+ A.R. weapon, you can obtain the same (as weapon's) grade of 'Valeron's powder'
      - It's planned to add 'Upgraded Enhance Booster' in future.

    11. New Item, 'Enchant Scroll' will be added.
      - Each town, Enchant Merchat will sell 'Enchant Scroll'.
      - In the Enchant UI, using 'Enchant Scroll', you can enchant the same grade weapon using the
      same grade enchant chip. (The same enchant option with the weapon type will be applied.)
      - When you separate enchant option, you will receive the 'Enchant Scroll' item.

    12. Enchant Separation / Combination function will be added to WEAPON items.
      * NOT for Armors

      1) Common issues
      - Can be accessed through Enchant Merchant in each town.
      - Enchant Separation will not affect the value of enhancement or socket.

      2) Enchant Separation
      - Top of Enchant Separation / Combination - 'Separation' tab
      - Enchant separation: Need to have over 1 option (on chip) and over 33 base A.R. (33 and more)
      -Through Enchant separation, you can obtain Enchant Scroll
      - Cost of Enchant separation: According to the grade(A.R.) of weapon item, the cost will be determined.
      - 'Tears of Ana' item will not be applied to weapons which 'separate enchant' option was applied to.

      3) Enchant Combination
      - Top of Enchant Separation / Combination - 'Combination' tab
      - Enchant Scroll, and the enchant option can be used only on the weapons of same kind.
      (e.g. An option for Enchant Scroll - 'Wits of Gemini', can be applied only to 'Wits of Gemini'.
      Even if it has the same grade of the weapon, Enchant combination will not be adjusted to any other weapon.
      - After Enchant combination, the existing enchant option of the weapon will be deleted.
      - After 1 time combination, 'Enchant Scroll' will disappear.

    13. Discount Event for the cost of Enchant Separation & Combination
      - Period: 24.02.2015 ~ 03.03.2015 before the maintenance time.
      - 40 % Discount

    14. 'New Character 'Van' will be added.
      - Equipped with magic scroll, he can use [Crecion], his exclusive stance.
      - [Crecion] stance ring and its skill rings will be added to 'Stance Ring Box'
      and 'Chester's Ring Box'.
      - After completing Van recruitement quest, you can get 'Page - Crecion' x 1.
      You can receive more pages by Killing Armonia raid monsters.
      - You can get the stance book from 'Memento Mori' in Armonia Apostadero.
      (1 [Crecion] stance book for 10 of Page - Crecion)

    15. Van Recruitment quest will be added.
      - After finishing '[Epilogue] The remaining ones, and…' quest, you will receive
      the quest mail once you come to Armonia.

    16. Weapon Merchant NPCs in each town will now sell 31 and 32 A.R. Weapon recipes.

    17. The following items can be obtained from Rank 1~4 Mission Clear:
      - Rank1 : Enchant Chip 92 level
      - Rank2 : Enchant Chip 96 level
      - Rank3 : Enchant Chip 100 level
      - Rank4 : Enchant Chip Veteran level

    18. The warp icon for 'Armonia, El Soltaro' will be added to the zone map in Armonia, El Templro.

    19. New Item, 'Valeron's Blessing', will be added.
      - Through each town Enhance Merchant, you can obtain 1 'Valeron's Blessing' item,
      using 16 'Valreron's powder' items.
      - Valeron's Blessing: During Weapon enhancement, it increases the success rate by 2x.
      - 'Valeron's Blessing - 34 grade' and 'Valeron's powder - 34 grade' item will not be untradable.

    20. During the following weapon item enhance or socket processing, the number of max required item will be redcuced.


    21. In 'Armonia, El Adio', the new boss monster 'Abyss' will be added.

    22. New background music 'Tragedy of War' and 'il Segreto' will be added.
      - You can choose the music in 'Juke Box' -> 'Music List'.

    23. Some of Purchasable costumes will be added to Dress Room.
      - Snowfield Witch hat : Sierra
      - Snowfield Witch costume : Sierra
      - Charm Hair : Cannon Shooter Claire, Cutie Claire
      - Sunset rouge costume: Cannon Shooter Claire, Cutie Claire

    24. New boss monster, 'Abyss' will be added to 'El Adio'.
      - You can go to 'Armonia El Adio' from 'Armonia, El Soltado'.
      - Once the Server is up, the boss will show in a certain area. When it's killed, it will be respawned between 3-5 days.
      - The ability or balance can be changed in the future.

    25. New Armor item, 'Santo De Blanc (Musketeer)' will be added.
      - In 'Armonia, El Adio', when players kills 'Abyss' monster, 'Recipe - Santo De Blanc (Musketeer)' can be obtained.

    26. The facial expression is added to the pose of some characters.
      - Emilia, Emilia the sage, Viki, Selva, Berneli

    27. Armonia new boss monster, 'Navas' and 'Oscuras' will be added.
      1) Navas : Armonia, El Soltado
      2) Oscuras : Armonia, El Templo
      3) Common
      - Once Server is up, bosses will show in a certain area. Their respawn time is 3-5 days.

    28. New armor item, 'Santuario Metal Armor' will be added.
      - In 'Armonia, El Templo', when players kills 'Oscuras' monster, 'Recipe - Santuario Metal Armor' can be obtained.

    29. First Darkness' mission will be added.
      - Players can join the mission in 'Armonia, Apostadero', 'Memento Mori' NPC.
      - Minimum 12 families, once a week mission.

    30. New daily mission 'Ruler of Anger' will be added.
      - Players can join the mission in 'Armonia, Apostadero', 'Memento Mori' NPC.
      - 'Mission Again' function can be used for this mission.

    Changed Contents

    1. Mission Lobby and Waiting Room will be changed.
      1) Mission Lobby
      - When you open a mission room, a random name of mission room will be set automatically.
      - The room name can be changed as usual.

      2) Mission waiting room
      - Game Ready function will be added.
      - Except the player who made the room, every joiner will have to check 'Ready' for the 'Game Start' button to activate.
      (In case that there were not additional players, you can proceed the mission by yourself.)

    2. The skills of using Linear or Fan range type will be changed or improved.
      - When a player clicks the skill, if the click was pointed to enemy target, the waiting condition
      will not be released and the skill will be activated immediately.
      - Such as the existing round type of skill, during the casting, ally will be shown with white and
      enemy will be shown with red range effects.
      - The range effects of Linear skill will be changed.

    3. The way of Ping(Packet Internet Groper) indication has been changed from number to image.
      - The image will be shown at the top right corner of the screen.
      - Game Option(Alt+O) / Other Option / 'Hide delaying time' / 'On/Off'

    4. Remaining bullet checking function will be changed.
      - On/Off function will be added.
      - Game Option(Alt +O) / Play Option / 'Showing the number of bullet' / 'On/off'
      - When you select 'On', the state of remaining bullet will be shown as a color and the indication
      of remaining bullets will be deleted.

    5. Raid monster respawn time of Lucifer Castle will be changed as follows.
      - In case of Death Wraith, it will be regenarated immediately after server down, thereafter no
      matter with the server down, it will rely on the following respawn time.

    6. Weapon item Craft / Enhance and related items will be changed.
      * Armors will not be included.

      1) Weapon Item Enhance
      - In case of Weapon item enhance, Anti-Destroy item will not be used anymore.

      2) Weapon Item Craft
      - Strata Devil Weapon: Required number of Dream of Devil will be decreased. 200 -> 100 EA
      - Diary of Veronif, Old Broom of Witch: Period and ways of Crafting will be changed.
      - Masterpiece, Ogre, Werewolf, Werebear, Dullahan, Kobolt series: The number of required Craft items will be recuced.
      - The Craft materials of Broom of Little Witch will be changed.
      - The Craft materials of Evil weapon will be changed.
      - Time Crystal : 600 EA -> 150 EA
      - Time Ore 1 EA + Time Crystal 300 EA -> Time Ore 1 EA + Time Crystal 75 EA
      - In case of Time Ore, 2 of them will be consumed.
      - Weapon Recipe Shop for Leonora and Sierra in Bahamar will be deleted.
      - [Repeat]Ork's Collection Retrieval: If a player completed the daily quest, 1 Encyclopedia Page can be obtained as a reward.
      - The cost of the Encyclopedia Page that can be bought from Ork, will be changed to 'Ancient Rune' or Enchant Chip Veteran.
      - In 'Alchemy table of Naraka', Strata Devil Weapon Recipe can be obtained with a certain chance.
      - Additional Devil's Whisper drop: Viron, Red Sunset Forest / Blood Fog Forest / Crow Forest
      - In 'Elohim Box', the obtainable number of Crest of Sacred / Dark Knight and Crest of Sacred / Dark Priest will be increased.
      - Priest Joel NPC, 'Red Armonium Ore' refinement time: Decreased 5 hours to 30 minutes. (Required Feso will be the same - 10,000 Feso.
      -The respawn time for 2nd Boss monsters that drop Piece of Abyss will be decreased.
      - World Cross PVP Shop: The points of crystal equipment item purchasing will be decreased.
      - Pioneering merchant Shop: The amount of points needed for 'Recipe - Kurenai' will be reduced.
      - In alchemy reward list, 'Shiny Crystal' will be deleted.

      3) Decreased price for Cash Item
      - Enchant Booster: 18 EGC -> 6 EGC, 30,000 Feso -> 10,000 Feso

    7. The entrance and reward for some mission will be changed as follows.

      1) Entrance change
      - Classified with Rank 1~4 according to mission difficulty. The limitation of classified missions will be deleted.
      - Deletion of Coimbra, Nimrod Bridge 'Key Merchant', Some of required items and recipes for mission entrance that some of NPC sold will be deleted.
      - Key items in possession will be changed to other items, as follows:

      - Items needed to enter mission will be integrated to 'Shiny Crystal'.
      - 'Jormongand', 'Occulta, Room of General', 'Mission: 'Lavarif' : Required items will be deleted.
      - 'Mission: Hell Breaker', 'Mission: Lavarif' -> Possible to enter through Coimbra, Nimrod Bridge, Individual Raid Mission Entrance Guard.
      - 'Mission: Sky Altar Protection', 'Mission: Overlord of Element' -> Possible to enter from 'Stone of Mysterious Vigor' in Bahamar, Base Camp.
      - The limitation of lobby creation for 'Blood Navy' mission will be deleted, and it will be changed with a daily mission.
      - 'Time Paradox' mission: Twice a day

      2) Difficulty and Reward
      - Classified with Rank 1~4 according to mission difficulty, and depending on each rank, the rewards will be different.
      - Demonic Hard Mission reward box: 'Ambrosia' and 'Enhance Booster' will be added.
      - Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber: Deletion of drop rewards and reward box will be added.
      - Priest of Fear reward box: 'Piece of Abyss' will be added.
      - Overlord of Element mission: Mosters' HP will be decreased by 50%
      (Myconid of Land, Trace of Fire, Acor of Wind, BlueFish of Wather, Overlord of Element)
      - Demonic Porto Bello, Mansion of Demonic Dr.Torsche, Demonic Jaquin: Boss Monsters' HP will be adjusted.
      - Tigress Prision Mission: The drop rate of Twisted Weapon Pieces will be increased and 'Enchant Chip Expert' will be added to reward box.
      - Infinito Challenge reward box: The obtanable number of Dream of Devil will be increased.
      - Raven Curse reward box: Dream of Devil will be added.

      - The difficulty of the following missions will be raised in order to balance with the same rank missions.
      > [Balanced Room, Nightmare Unicorn]
      > [Greedy treasure box]
      > [Tower of Ice Wizard, Leo Room]
      > [Weird Dungeon of Gullfaxi]
      > [Dark Swamp, Frogfish hunting place]
      > [Mission : Demonic Porto Bello]
      > [Mission : Mansion of Demonic Dr.Torsche Dungeo0]
      > [Mission : Demonic Jaquin Dungeon]
      > [Mission : Demonic Skeleton Dungeon]

      3) Others
      - 'Kielce Night Combat' will be deleted.
      - Rank Information will be added to 'Mission Information Center'.
      - In the Raid Information UI, Constellation Tab will be deleted and Abyss piece Tab will be added.
      - 'Qualify Proof for Secret Tower' quest will be deleted.

    8. Secret Guard service will be closed.
      - After the update, 'Secret Guard' relationship will be deleted.

    9. Warp List(Ctrl+R) UI will be changed. The function will be same.

    10. In 'Search the hideout' quest, Siegmund can be dead even being in a squad.

    11. [Ambrosia] Stance and Skill Ring name will be changed.
      - When using the existing 'Ambrosia' ring, 'Icy Ambrosia' Stance skill level will be increased.

    12. [Justice of Light] and Justice of Darkness buff will not be deleted while 'Whole cancellation' is activated.

    13. Rewards of Weapon item Craft / Enhance Change

      1) After the update,
      - Enhance Booster in possession will be multiplied by 3
      - Ambrosia in possession will be multiplied by 5
      (In case the items that registered already in Market, the registration will be canceled and items will be moved to Cabinet. Their amount will be adjusted.

      2) 24.12.2014 - 24.02.2015 before the maintenance time. (Within 2 month)
      - A crafted weapon in-game
      - Over 32 A.R. (Except Gold Rosario)
      - Everyone will receive a copy of any crafted (during last 2 months) weapon.
      - What weapons: From craft, quest, mission reward, purchasing from point shop
      - Same item without enhance, enchant or socket.
      - Item will be given to the current owner before the maintenance time.

    14. Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, Individual raid and weekly mission: The required number of 'Shiny Crystal' will be decreased.

    15. Time Paradox' mission change
      - Max entrance: 24 -> 12 people
      - In reward box, the number of 'Time Crystal' will be reduced on average.

    16. During proceeding Armonia scenario quest, if you fail to complete the mission on first try, next time the dialogue and directing scene will be passed by automatically.

    17. Some of Armonia quest will be changed.
      - Besides Armonia 5th scenario, the daily limitation function will be deleted in recruitment quest.
      - [Glorious Sanctuary] Anilio quest condition change: The number of defeating Armonia Wolf and Armonia Bear will be reduced from 100, to 50 monsters each.
      - [One who tinged by darkness] Cross and Ribbon quest: The obtaning chance of 'Bacchanalia Piece' and 'Werebear Mace Piece' will be much higher than before.
      -[Whisper of Devil] Two Saint quest: The obtaning chance of Magic Powder of Abyss will be much higher than before.
      - [Risk of Berthe] Mission: The number of monsters will be decreased.
      - [Risk of Berthe] Mission: The ability of monsters will be decreased and Berthe's ability will be increased.
      - [Brothers who missed each other] Mission" The ability of monsters will be decreased and Vincent's ability will be increased.

    18. Each Rank mission rewards will be changed.
      - 31, 32 grade weapon recipe will be deleted in the reward list.
      (The recipe can be bought from Craft NPC in each town.)
      - The chance of obtaining Accessory recipe will be decreased.
      - The chance of obtaining Ancient Rune will be increased.
      - The chance of obtaining of 30-31 grade weapon will be increased.

    19. In 'Katovic Snowfield', the number of items needed for trading 'Nucleus of Ghost' from 'Ludeza Vishihah' will be decreased.

    20. The required number of Weapon Crystal when you craft weapons will be reduced from 2 to 1 piece.
      - Applied over 32 grade weapon
      - 'Cube' crafting from Marchetti NPC: Magic weapon crystal - 33 grade / 2 to 1 piece.
      - In case that the existing required number was 1 piece or weapon crystal was not necessary, it will no longer be needed (1 -> 0).

      *Considering orders of each patch, the reward will not be applied for GEEU. *edited

    21. [Placedez] stance 'Merced' skill : 'Holy Lightning' of [Saint's Blessing] buff changed to be applied to only Humans, Demons, Undeads, Lifeless and Wildlife.

    22. The attributes of 'Santo De Blanc' Armor item will be changed.

    23. When a player failed to enhance item, the obtainable number of 'Valeron's powder' will be changed.

    24. The drop ways of Some items will be changed.
      (Dropping on the ground -> to inventory directly)

    25. In 'Armonia' area, the strategy difficulty for normal monsters will be changed.
      - Frequency of skill use will be largely reduced.
      - 'Blood Curse' for a normal attack will be deleted.
      - The ATK of Jumping Jack will be decreased.

    26. 'Item Craft' from recipe will be changed or improved.
      - Before: Need to talk to NPC, After: Double clicking the recipe item, the craft UI will show directly.
      - Players can use Item Crafting UI only in town.
      - Item tool-tip will show to the player in Item Crafting UI.

    27. When a player tried to set 'Trade Password', the notice text will show once more.

    28. [Degenerate] and [Holiness] buff will be changed.
      - [Holiness] will be consumed as before, but [Degenerate] will not be accumulated anymore.
      - [Degenerate] will be accumulated only in 30m radius from Armonia raid boss monster.

    29. When a player tried to whisper the other player who is not connected, Post typing UI will be shown.

    30. Armonia Holy water item change to be tradable, the count limit will be disappeared, possible to possess 32767.

    31. Armonia Holy Water will be deleted in the list from the Priest, Baruch NPC in Armonia Cathedral.
      ※ Supply of Armonia Holy Water is going to be increased next patch.
    32. During proceeding Berthe and Charles, Patrick recruitment quest, if you fail on
      first try, the dialogue and directing scene will be passed by automatically on next tries.

    33. In Anis recruitment quest, some of quest was not finished in the Quest information UI, this problem will be fixed.

    34. In Los Toldos area, the price and the number of required Otite for 92 Elite weapon recipe will be decreased.

    Fixed Contents

    1. When a player tried to puchase Boosting package and Treasure book of heaven item, the connection was closed forcely. This problem will be fixed.

    2. While using Line or Sector type range skills, the problem that the effect indication was remained will be fixed.

    3. In some families, the problem that the kill count of enemy faction was not accumulated normally will be fixed.

    4. In Way point UI, if a player clicked an empty space, it lead to Auch. This problem will be fixed.

    5. Illusion character's 'Magic party dress' costume graphic will be fixed in some part.

    6. Team List and Team select fuction in Barrack will be fixed to operate properly.

    7. When a player used 'Mission Again' in Barrack, Sequence attendence buff was not applied normally. This problem will be fixed.

    8. The area information of [Requiem of the end] quest will be fixed.

    9. Anis character will be fixed as follows.
      - When a player use 'Merced' skill of [Placedez] stance, if there was no other character for the skill range, [Saint's Blessing] will not be applied.
      - During using [First Aid] stance 'Resuscitation' skill, Hotkeys did not work for pointing ally. This problem will be fixed.
      - (Pose) Shoryuken will be fixed.

    10. Hell Breaker mission lobby creation gate NPC will be deleted in Mine Passage.

    11. In processing of [Repeat]Ork's Collection Retrieval, if a player had more than the required number of quest items in the inventory, the number of items was not showed properly. This problem will be fixed.

    12. In 'Success? Great Success!' skill Of [Drawing] stance, even though Easel NPC disappeared, the skill was not applied normally. This problem will be fixed.

    13. Typo correction: Reward item information for 'Demonic Occulta Dungeon' in Mission Information Center.

    14. Boss monster's A.R. of 'Lost Glorious Time' will be decreased in overall.

    15. Typo correction: D.R. indication of Strange Dungeon of Gullfaxi.

    16. After deleting Sierra Rose NPC, during proceeding the quest, the problem that the player can still use the NPC shop will be fixed.

    17. Identification icon of a squad member character was not showed properly, this problem will be fixed.

    18. When 'Buppet' is healing a character, the problem that 'Cancel summon' was not applied will be fixed.

    19. When other player is proceeding 'Blood Navy' mission, the mission lobby creation problem will be fixed.

    20. In Armonia scenario and recruitement quest, despite that a NPC was killed, the quest was being proceeded in some battle mission. This problem will be fixed.

    21. The automatically starting problem of Armonia 5th scenaro even though Armonia 4th scenario quest wasn't completed will be fixed.

    22. The problem that 'Reducing Shooting damage' option for [Vigilar] stance was not applied will be fixed.

    23. The skill range indication problem of using 'Cannon Shell Falling' skill will be fixed.

    24. Skirt graphic of 'Student President Ludin' will be fixed.

    25. Inferno Guard Ring will be dropped not only in Ring Box of Richard but in Ring Box of Genos.

    26. In Game Option(Alt +O), BMP saving format will be deleted and Screen shot will be save only JPG/PNG format only.

    Related WPVP and Clique Battle

    1. During playing World Cross PVP, Moving to Barrack / Log out / Close Game / Forcely close the program / etc. When World Cross PVP mission is closed, the Rank point (ELO point) will be decreased.
      - Disconnecting internet or black out situation also will lead to lose and the player will get penalty.

    2. When a player is attacked by a skill, the problem that Damage in system chat window on left screen was showed '0' will be fixed.

    3. In Clique Battle information UI, the count of 'Continuous survival' will be indicated.

    Stance & Skill Balance

    Some of stance and skill will be changed as follows.

    The end.

    * Some of schedule or contents can be changed before the patch.

    Thank you,

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    Two more weeks. I can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysinc View Post
    Two more weeks. I can't wait!
    You don't have to, Just freeze yourself and ask your friend to rescue you after 2 weeks.

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    "- It's planned to add 'Upgraded Enhance Booster' in future."

    Could you elaborate a little bit more please?

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    Hmm. Demonic BH Portobello, Torsche, Jaquin, and Skeleton difficulties will be increased. Tedious becomes even more tedious...

    What mission ranks will Bounty Hunter Hard be?

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    so the new elizabeth will be recruitable and not a lyndon box character?? is that right??

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeteoraXV View Post
    so the new elizabeth will be recruitable and not a lyndon box character?? is that right??
    Lyndon box

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    awww maaaan

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeteoraXV View Post
    awww maaaan
    Its trade-off of less milking from anti-destroy and EB

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    Guys, I'm confused about bullets... wth uses bullets?

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