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    [GEEU] Twitch your own Broadcasting Event!

    Hello fans,

    Watch and learn together and get a free EG-Cash!
    Do not miss the opportuniny!

    Event Period : 01.04.2015 ~ 30.04.2015

    Event Detail

    • Reward I : Bonus 500 Cash
      - Creating your twitch account and broadcasting

    • Reward II : Bonus 3000 Cash
      - Over 30 concurrent watching user or Over 50 viewing of highlight video.

    • Reward III: Amazing bonus Cash
      - We will reward for best broadcaster on every month till end of this year.

    Reward date

    • Within 5 working days after event is over.

    How to participate

    - In case you reach one of above conditions then please submit a ticket as follows.

    1. Categories: Game Related

    2. Sub Categories : Twitch

    3. Message
      - Please leave your channel address(ex. into message field so that we can confirm it.

      - In case you reached over 30 concurrent watching user, then you must take a screenshot and send us with image link.

    [Take part in this event]

    Broadcasting yourself
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    am i need to broadcast first to get reward 1?
    Milkovich Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrizzlyFang View Post
    am i need to broadcast first to get reward 1?
    Hello GrizzlyFang,
    Nope. you can get the reward just by creating account on Twitch and if you broadcast and reach another condition then you will get more.

    Have a nice day

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    Hello. I created an account on Twitch and subscribe to your channel. That's all I have to do to get a reward?

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    Twitch It is the first time I hear about this site

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    not understand how to created account or register on twitch???? can you tell us step by step

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    Hope this has not been forgotten.

    Are we getting the EGC on maintenance Wednesday?

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    Yes, same question like Lima. Hope get it today

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