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Thread: 21 braucht dich

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    Post 21 braucht dich

    e beginning of the game.

    Ich suche nach Verst
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    Einen wundersch

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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    voll der scheiss auf wieviel ist das begrenzt

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    Einen wundersch

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    A popular variation of street basketball is 21, also known as Hustle, American, St. Mary's, a V or Varsity, Roughhouse, 33, 50 or Crunch, or "New York." 21 is played most often with 3-5 players on a half court, typically when not enough players have arrived at the playground to "run 3's" (play 3-on-3). However it is possible to play "21" with only two players, or more than 5.

    Further, in some forms, players can freely enter the game after it has begun, starting at zero points or being "spotted" the same number as the player with the lowest score. "21" is an "every player for himself" game, with highly variable rules. The rules of "21" are usually agreed by the players at the beginning of the game.

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    Einen wundersch

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    Nun das Game ist total verbugd aber hey.... nicht abschrecken lassen

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