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    Post Feature and Cash Shop

    Cash Shop Theory :

    Only Customize Items:
    Please do not create items with statistics buyable only with real money

    Many low cost items are better than a few with high prices:
    In online games I buy if the price reminds me that it is an online game and not something that weighs on my portfolio

    We don't need gift but equity for who use money and who not:
    Simple theory

    Good example of Cash Shop and Skin : League of Legends
    Bad example of Cash Shop and Skin : Any P2W game, you know how works..

    Cash Shop Suggestions :


    Possibility to put a Name and Number on Shirts:
    like a professional player

    Teams Uniform:
    Guild or Teams

    Use Special Character like a buyable skin not a unic Player:
    no stat, only for beautifull purpose

    Many Character facial, items and body option to make their own unique character:
    Player hard customization like DC universe online


    (Guild like Mmorpg)

    Season for Guilds fight
    (like serie A, Premier or Liga)

    (maybe 1 at Month)

    Gain Experience in Friendly match and not only in PvP
    (Maybe not the same amount of pure PvP but is loss of time play friendly match with contacts list without Exp)

    Ranked Games
    Equity for palyer skills and level

    Listen the Community
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    Great suggestions especially about guilds and tournaments (maybe more then once in a month). But I think special character should come with an advantage. And lobby feature would be the best like fs2.
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