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    MY main Character !

    Well Hello , today after loggin into my account i saw that my C lvl 40 is deleted , MY Low level PF and Sf are left untouched, My account is from Google + , as i know theres a bug that when u log in, u can accedentaly get into another accs , as my self i got in accedentaly into about 3 or 4 accounts , but i didnt touch them etc , i reported this bug long ago >..> , So the question is will my Main C on wich i worked really hard did dailly challanges modes all quests etc , will be restored or atleast refunded some how ?
    in the pictures u can see that i had this C wich was my main for a long period of time for me and my fav character to play!

    Can u Restore my C or refund coupon and all pts wich i spent etc ?
    Please answer if this is possible or not , if not im dissapointed ... Angry as h.jpgBEFore.jpgWTF (2).jpgWTF.jpg

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    You are the guy you already reported this on EuroGameZ ticket?

    Hm....Dev said this char has been restored and fixed....

    We will check again.


    Team EuroGameZ

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