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    Faction related

    Any existing Faction that only specializes in Raids? Notable factions are all at war and I AFK alot, I will be active on raid time/activity and willing to take support roles like Rio buffs and ress.

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    Frat specializes in trolling and provoking?(It seems to be working).
    Un4 specializes in high-end raids, better ask them for further explanations.
    Satis specializes in quantum physics.
    Bro Army is back they might start pve one day.
    Icewind might be doing pve.
    There is also a groups of factionless people who wants to do raid etc. but can't join factions because of war.

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    why is it so hard to join a peaceful faction

    Icewind only put infinite party, which I have no idea of what they do/require or goal as a faction.

    I so hate that Force declare war button.

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    If you are a quantum psysicist, you are welcome to Satis Faction.

    Happy gaming!
    ~ Satis Faction ~

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