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    Hi there Ballers,

    our little and active crew is looking for new members, that want to join our ranks. If you want to apply to our crew you should be:

    • ENGLISH speaking
    • Level 24+
    • active ingame ( be online every 1-2 days )
    • ready to play in a team
    • yearning to get better

    Now that you know what we want here is a list of what u get joining us:

    • active and chatty members
    • Teamplayer, who try to help newcomers
    • Teamspeak 3 Server
    • Beer and Babes xD

    So if you are interessted in joining us, feel free to apply to us. Also if you have more question about us you can always ask llPhoesill or Alloces.

    Hope to see you on the court
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