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    1. log earlier hour doing.
    2. Check MM what item has been sell or someone buying my item.
    3. Doing some BH hard...daily kelce...daily pioneer merchant....daily armonia.
    4. Doing alchemy if need some item goes farming it or buying at MM.
    5. While farming ....watching some movie or cartoon with my family some time doing what supposed I do at real life.
    6. if not playing just afk/farming DD/shiny Box/Naraka piece at Blood forest then sleep.
    7. Repeated again step 2-5 ....till now seek factions without war and factions just to accept/challenge task Geeu give as player till end games.

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    1. Do not log in, you never logged off after all.
    2. Go make tea, turn on music, maybe do some dumbbell lifting and light exercise.
    3. Do some money-making scheming.
    4. Execute scheming on the market, giggle all evil-like in anticipation of the chaos and profits.
    5. Do profiteering.
    6. Go semi-afk leveling.
    7. Watch anime while GE grinds for you making you richer by the second.
    8. Check on your market schemes, realize that you made another easy 20 to 100mil today, giggle all evil-like.
    9. Figure some fun scheme to dump the money at, then sell it for even more money. Giggle-all-evil-like.
    10. Go back to watching anime.

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