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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules
    (last Update 29.11.2013)

    Thanks for joining us in the Granado Espada Europe(GEEU) Forums. To make the Forum fun, enjoyable and informative for all, please abide to these simple rules and regulations.

    Users who fail to comply will risk their Forum Accounts, Cash services, and game accounts to be suspended indefinitely.

    1. Profanities and Explicit Content

    Our international community comes from all walks of life. To protect our younger audience, we ask of you to contribute appropriately. This includes forum nicknames, threads, posts, signatures and personal profiles.

    2. Flamebaits, Trolling, Racist and Sensitive Remarks

    Deliberate flaming and rude behavior are not tolerated in the forum. The objective of the Forum is to provide a conducive environment for people to discuss, contribute, seek assistance, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

    For example, giving proper and helpful advice to a newbie is more helpful than responding with a /facepalm imageIf you’re looking for trouble, do so elsewhere

    3. Spamming

    Repeated content from a single or group of users will be removed without notice.

    4. Illegal Discussions, Hacks, Exploits and Private Game Servers

    Discussion and distribution of the above mentioned is strictly prohibited. This also includes tutorials, guides or assistance to access other IP-blocked game services.

    We strongly advise users not to click on any suspicious links to avoid the risk of viruses, spyware and keyloggers. Please report them immediately if you see one.

    5. Third-party content

    You are not allowed to post any kind of third-party content or links which are leading to such.

    Exception: Any content related to Granado Espada Europe

    For any graphics used(for example as Forum-Avatar)please respect the copyright.

    6. Third-Party Advertising

    Advertising is only allowed for Two-War authorized partners with permission granted by the company beforehand.

    7. Staff Impersonation

    Users attempting to impersonate an Eurogamez, or IMC employee will be banned without notice.

    Forum Moderators do not have access to your Twowar and game accounts information.

    Attempting to impersonate any member of the GEEU forum staff will get you a 7 day ban as well as new membership into the staff impersonators group. Further attempts will result in a permanent ban.

    8. Cash and Account Trading

    Such activities include: gold farming, trading game currencies for EG-Cash and vice versa, trading game accounts for real cash and vice versa, etc.

    Two-Wars will not be responsible for users who choose to transact at their own risk.

    9. Eurogamez and IMC Games

    Derogatory remarks towards the companies may not be tolerated in the Forum, but we highly encourage constructive feedback and suggestions that can help to improve our services!

    Decisions made by Eurogamez, IMC Games and the Forum Moderators are final.

    The rules can be amended at any point in time without notice. It will be your responsibility to keep yourself up to date with them.

    10. Addition to signatures & Avatars: Signature sizes

    1. Signatures are to be no bigger than 450*250 pixels and 500kb. Any signatures greater than these limitations will be removed without notice.

    2. Click-able signatures are not allowed.(Exception for xFire signatures)

    3. your Signature must not disturb nor annoy the reader of the forum(flickering, bad content, etc.)

    11. Respect others

    ... and others will respect you! Cheers and have fun!

    12. Staff Tags

    The staff tags GM Admin and Moderator and any abbreviation of the names are strictly prohibited from being used in any normal members name, those who even jokingly use these names will be banned for 2 weeks immediately.
    13. Consequences

    If you do not follow this rules you may be excluded from the forum permanently and also from access to our servers.
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