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    Quote Originally Posted by ZzZz View Post
    finally code name L get nerfed
    she's actually getting a buff in comming patch (well some of it are already implemented like the atk increase on some skills ,range on 2nd skill *hillado pajardo and ignore def of sabre bolar etc.., what she'll get in upcoming patch is a 2nd wave of buff as stated in the notes like current 50 ignore def on 5th skill to 75 ignore def etc..).

    the nerf will be on v25.47.16 patch : (Corte Aquiles) Ignore Evasion Removed ; Hilado Pajaro Radius 8m -> 6.5m ; Corriente Estelar -> Cannot hit flying characters. :P

    you can see a more readable patch note here
    can also compare the transition of this stance here from its early releases upto the newest which is on starstorm.

    it'll probably change on ours since it's kinda confusing coz geeu always release the cash versions too early.
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    oh yes . i forgot it . idk what they think why rosa secreta still up . better they up other old stances

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    event bosting & 1 vis, will take place how long?
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    Thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to it

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