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    [GE_EU] 2015 Halloween Event

    Hello GEEU Fans,

    Happy Halloween! 2015 Halloween Event starts! We hope you enjoy Halloween event and have a
    wonderful Halloween with GEEU.

    Event period
    - 27.10.2015 ~ 10.11.2015


    [Event 1]

    1) Place & NPC
    - Reboldoeux Officer Street, GM Event NPC

    2) In Lucifer Missions, the event boss will show up.
    - Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory
    - Lucifer Castle, Basement Warehouse
    - Lucifer, Secret Garden
    - Lucifer, Moonlight Garden
    - Lucifer, Banquet Hall
    - Lucifer, Death Corridor

    3) When you defeated the event boss, Pumpkin Seeds will drop.
    4) If you bring the Pumpkin Seeds to 'Event NPC', than you may exchange some useful items.

    * According to the number of participants, Pumpkin Seeds will drop.
    (e.g. 3 Pumpkin Seeds per 3 people)
    * 5 people party can get the event buff. (Increases ATK, A.R. and D.R.)
    * During the event period, players can join Lucifer missions through the Event NPC.

    [Event 2]

    1) In Stone Pit, Armonia Raid Monster will show up.
    2) The event raid monster will be created once a day at 9 pm. (CET, Server Time)
    3) When you defeat the monster, plenty of 'Pumpkin Seeds' will drop according to the participants.


    - Vampire Costume
    - Vampire Hair
    - Period Halloween Pumkin Hat (15 days)
    - Event Coffin of Jack O' Lantern Appearance Change Coupon
    - Event Navas Wing Appearance Ticket
    - Event Enhanced Tribe Ampule
    - Event Soul Crystal

    [Event 3]

    - Cash Shop Halloween Costume Sales Event
    1) Leona Halloween Costume Box
    2) Code Name L Halloween Costume Box
    3) Valeria Vendetta Halloween Costume Box
    4) Navas's Wing Back Costume Box
    5) Coffin Of Jack O' Lantern Back Costume Box
    6) Calyce Vampire Look
    7) Grandies Vampire Look

    Thank you,
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