bok [GEEU] 2x Clique Battles per Week
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    Exclamation 2x Clique Battles per Week


    as the Title says i would like to suggest a second Clique Battle.

    Clique Battle keeps the activity and the "Fun-Factor" up. Much Player enjoy this activity. Not just the guys who want PvP also the newbies who would like to earn some extra VIS are enjoying this feature.

    I talked already with a couple players in-game for their opinion, i also talked with MOD if their would be a chance to get a second Clique Battle - he said that can be done if we find enough people who wants the same and who are also willing to write a ticket for it.

    If you are thinking the same please give me a feedback here. If the response will be great we can discuss about a good time for the new Clique Battle.

    Thank You


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    More server activity - always good. But it will be hard to find a good time.

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    Yep - 2 times cb means more activity. i say yes too

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    Definate YES from me. This server offers too few opportunities to have pvp. And pvp is a major part of this game, it has always been.
    Go for a 2nd CB!

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    thats good idea, i would vote to put one on saturday since im sunday im to hangover to even wake up early to play.

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    i like this idea! I hope Hardeh will wake me for 2 cb!

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    +1, Maybe early morning, say past 0:00 server time some might still play from us/latam i dunno, i still even see some eu peeps play around this time too or could be earlier than the current one just on a different day ofc.
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    +1 for me too

    Would be good maybe weekday ? Since we have one for weekend.

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    It doesn't matter for me.Since they are publishers it doesn't matter for them too.
    Good luck.

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    Well, good time for super gears guy XD, but I wonder how can newbies earn some extra vis?

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