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    How to use Wing Appearance Coupon

    Hey Pioneer's

    here is a short guide how to create the new MW-917P wing that will come in the next Lyndon Boxes.

    First you need to get the "MW-917P Wing Appearance Coupon" from Lyndon Box.

    After you got one (you only need 1 to get the right to create them), you can find the MW-917 Wing Appearance Coupon in your Normal Inventory in Expend.

    If you found it in your inventory you need to make a double click with left mouse button on it.

    After you double click on it, the Coupon will disappear!

    Now you can find the right to create them in Produce a Costum Wing in the option Premium

    If you now want to create them now, you need a Costum Wing Exchange Coupon and you can create them like the wing in General option


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    waaah, now they add wing recipe to lyndon box, not wing but wing recipe, ha.ha.ha :/
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