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    [FS2EU] 16/03 Weekly Maintenance Notice

    Greeting Ballers,

    Servers are back online! You may launch the game and start playing FreeStyle2!

    United States (West):
    Tuesday March 15th,22:00 -March 16th 01:00 (PDT)
    United States (East):
    Wednesday March 15th, 01:00 - 04:00(EST)
    Wednesday March 15th, 6:00 - 9:00 (CEST)
    Wednesday March 15th, 8:00 - 11:00 (MSK)
    Wednesday March 15th, 14:00 - 17:00(JST)
    Wednesday March 15th, 13:00 - 16:00(PHT)
    WednesdayMarch 15th, 12:00 - 15:00(ICT)

    ================================================== =============

    Maintenance Details:
    March 15th, 22:00 - March 16th 01:00 (PDT)

    - Level up reward will be given to players who sent us an e-mail.

    - Waist and Back accessories can be equipped now at the same time

    - Players won't be able to add the Avoid block attribute on waist accessories anymore.

    - Players who added the Avoid Block attribute on Duck Tube/ FS2 Champions Belt; their attribute will be removed and Avoid Block coupon will be restored.

    ================================================== =============

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

    -Team FreeStyle2

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    March Shop Item Update !!

    Greetings Ballers!

    Check out these new outfits available only in the in-game shop!

    Image Shop

    Padded Jacket
    Camo Jog Pants
    Gladiator Heels

    Six Pocket Vest
    Skull Long Short Joggers
    Aztec Skate Shoes
    Pom Pom Cap

    Hug Vest
    Punk Leggings
    Gladiator Heels

    Cap and Bandana
    Hair Hug
    Vest Camo Jog Pants
    Aztec Skate Shoes

    Guitarist Sweatshirt
    Gladiator Heels

    Guitarist Sweatshirt
    Skull Long Short Joggers
    Aztec Skate Shoes

    Mileage Shop

    Kangnam Style Tuxedo
    One Side Braided Hair

    Kangnam Style Tuxedo

    One Side Braided Hair
    Lilla Rose Dress
    Buckle Suede Heels

    Be free to create your Style, FreeStyle!

    -Team FreeStyle2

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    2016.Mar.16th.Patch Note !!

    1. Channel Merged
    Rookie & Major Channel will be merged.
    But don't worry! The ELO system has been improved upon this
    channel merge, so you will not be facing teams that are too strong.

    -New & existing baller ELO rating system update
    Default ELO points will be changed according to the Baller's status
    and highest character level

    a. New baller's ELO default point / minimum point : 300 ELO points
    - Even if you keep losing, ELO point won't go down below 300 ELO points.

    b. Default points for the ballers who do not have a character
    over Lv.20 in their account : 700 ELO points

    c. Default points for ballers who have characters
    over Lv.20 in their account : 1000 ELO points

    ELO system now counts the points based on the highest character level in
    your account.

    2. Crew League Tier info has been added
    - Now you can check your Crew Tier any time.

    3. Back/Waist items have been separated.
    Now you can wear both Back Accs. and Waist Accs. together
    starting from this patch.

    For example, you can now wear the Champion belt and
    Crew league Cape together!

    But you will no longer be able to add attributes to waist item anymore.

    If you already added Back Accs. attribute Coupon-Avoid Block from
    DIY system on to your Waist Accs. before this patch, your attribute
    will be removed and an Attribute Coupon will be placed in your Gift box.

    Applicable items are as follows:
    - FS2 Champion Belt
    - Duck Tube

    4. Team Slam Release!
    - Team Slam premium package limited sale!
    There are new Special Characters and a premium package!

    Don't miss out on this special chance for a Skill slot, Points, or
    Premium random card box!

    - Team Slam 30% special sale!
    30% sale on the Team Slam coupon for 2 weeks only!
    Now is the best chance for buying a premium package if you have
    been hesitating!

    Are you tired of your second character? Or did you create a new character today?
    There is a BIG Level Up Event for everyone!
    When can you get the Reward?
    You’ll get it during the weekly maintenance after the event!
    You can get various benefits such as 1000 Gkash, Skill slot, etc!

    Only for 2 weeks! This is the only chance to the real Kung fu Master outfit!

    Are you in need of cash? Buy a Point Wallet and get free cash or get the
    Cash Wallet where you can get up to 3 times the return plus 50,000 points!
    Think hard and fast because you only have 1 week.

    Play a game, Stay log in, collect SP Box keys earns free items from the SP Random box!

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