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    [FS2EU] 11/05 Update Note and Maintenance Notice !!

    Greeting Ballers,

    Servers are back online! You may launch the game and start playing FreeStyle2!

    United States (West):
    Tuesday May 10th, 22:00 -May 11th 01:00 (PDT)
    United States (East):
    Wednesday May 11th ,01:00 - 04:00(EST)
    Wednesday May 11th ,7:00 - 10:00 (CEST)
    Wednesday May 11th,8:00 - 11:00 (MSK)
    Wednesday May 11th,14:00 - 17:00(JST)
    Wednesday May 11th, 13:00 - 16:00(PHT)
    Wednesday May 11th, 12:00 - 15:00(ICT)

    ================================================== =============
    Maintenance Details:

    May 10th 22:00 – May 11th 01:00 (PDT)

    - Level up reward will be given to players who sent us reports.
    * If you were not able to get the reward properly, please send us a ticket or e-mail
    us at so we can send it to you by next

    -Gamekiss billing system maintenance* Players won't be able to access to gamekiss website during
    the maintenance time.

    Please visit
    to check maintenance details during the maintenance.

    ================================================== =============

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

    -Team FreeStyle2

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    2016.05.11th.Patch Notes !!!

    The special effect when wearing the Prisoner’s Feet item is now fixed.



    In order to make a Wings of an angel item, you need to collect 30 Golden cores
    and other metarials!
    How to acquire Gold core;
    1) It is given as match rewards at a low chance (only in Pro Channel)
    2) Given by disassembling rare rank items at a low chance.

    Check out the new system here:

    After the update, only the one Toy you equipped will activate its buff when the match starts.
    (Random activation)

    1)While completing the 5 Placement Matches, you will be able to get a Card Deck
    for new player. (You may only get this once per account.)

    2)Card equipment tutorial will be added and the information of Card set effect
    will be explained.

    3)If a baller did not finish the tutorial a tutorial pop-up will show up.

    4) “Losing Streak” Buff
    -If a new player loses matches in a row, a Buff will be activated.
    This will temporarily increase all attributes (only in major channel)

    There will be no more guide pop-up for challenge mode and other systems.

    Spice up those lazy, hazy days and amp up your game with the Naughty Kitties
    Summer Package available in the in-game shop!

    Train yourself and demonstrate your commitment to the team and
    loyalty to your crew with the military training outfit available in the capsule.

    Spend GKash and heap awesome free items with your stacked GKASH spendings!

    Get this awesome Toy mask for free in the Roll the Dice event!

    Enjoy your 24 hours 200% EXP and point buff every weekend for 2 weeks!

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    May Shop Item Update !!

    Greetings Ballers,

    Check out this new outfit only available in the in-game shop.

    White Tiger Jacket
    Designer Joggers

    White Tiger Jacket
    Designer Joggers

    FS2 Supporters Fan Shirt
    Artist Shorts
    Can Curls

    FS2 Supporters Fan Shirt
    Artist Shorts
    Can Curls


    FS2 Toy Dress
    Parting Curl

    Chicago One Piece
    Parting Curl

    Barricade Joggers
    Dragon King Hoodie
    Dragon Fin Mohawk

    Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

    -Team FreeStyle2

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    New System: Character Collection System !!

    Greetings Ballers!

    There is a new way of adding additional attributes to your character!

    SPC Collection has been added to the game today!

    Want to know how it works?

    Collect all the special characters from the breath-taking Buzzer Beater team
    to the unstoppable team SLAM!

    You can equip up to 2 SPC Collection title depending on the level and SPCs
    that you currently owned. Each SPC Collection title has it additional attribute/s.

    The higher the level of each SPC the more attribute it will give.

    Note: Each character should have the same level to be able to equip the
    SPC Collection title.


    In order for you to equip the "The West III" title, you should have
    level 40 Goku, Hakkai, Gojyo and Ox Queen.

    Once you equip your SPC Collection title, your character will automatically receive
    additional attribute depending on the title that you used.

    **SPC collection additional attribute is not applied to all characters that you owned.
    You can use different SPC Collection title to your other characters.

    You can check all special characters that you owned and its level on the character
    SPC book tab of SPC Collection screen.

    -Team FreeStyle 2

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