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    How to add an avatar and a signature to your forums profile I

    Hello dear GEEU Fans!

    Some Pioneers asked me how to add a signature and/or an avatar to their forums profile. Here is a little guide to make your profile look gorgeous.

    First of all, you need to log into your forums acc. Then follow these steps:

    1. Click Settings button, on top right side.

    2. Click Edit Avatar or Edit Signature in My Settings menu in the right column.

    A) Adding an avatar
    After click Edit Avatar, you will get the following window.

    Check Use Custom Avatar. Avatar size must be a maximum 80x80 pixels or 19.5 KB. Make sure the image you chose fill the requireremts. Now select an option to add you Avatar.
    Option 1 - To add an avatar from another website copy URL from website in the field.
    Option 2 - To upload an image from your computer click Select File.
    Do not forget to save changes!

    B) Adding a signature
    Here you got more options to customize your profile, so you can unleash your imagination. You can add only text, only an image or an image and text. Likewise, you can add links to your personal website or GE blog.

    Use the text editor to change font, size, font color and wathever, add a link, etc.

    To add an image to your signature, go to Upload Signature Picture and follow the same steps needed to upload an image as Avatar, only size requirements are differents.

    Click Upload buttom and you will see a preview of your image.
    To add the image to the profile, click Insert Signature Picture. It will be added automatically in your Edit Signature window as [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC].

    Check if you like your signature by clicking Preview Signature. If you are done, don’t forget to Save Signature.

    Et voila! Easy, right?

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