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    [GEEU] Challenge GE Streamer!

    Challenge Granado Espada Streamer!
    Try make your own broadcasting and Get awesome compensations~!

    Hello GEEU Fans,

    GEEU Team is recruiting a talented youtuber or Twitch streamer.
    You can upload your own making video or share your live streaming(Youtube Live streaming or Twitch) link to GEEU Forum / Screenshots, Artworks & Videos.

    If you apply for the event, then you can have a chance to be a Rookie streamer.
    If you make a good activity and result of your video or live streaming,
    you will have a chance to be a regular member of GEEU streamer after 3 month! When you be a regular member(Master), various and extreme support will follow like +7 equip. accessary set + 20000 EGC monthly and other support.

    Your own video or live streaming can be shared to Eurogamez Youtube Channel or SNS area according to the GEEU TEAM internal evaluation.
    The number of video uploading or live streaming times, how many hits and how many subscribers you've got in your Youtube channel or Twitch channel, these will be the standards of GEEU Team evaluation.

    ※ Eurogamez Youtube Channel: *added

    Event Details

    1. Period: 29.11.2016 ~ 30.05.2017

    2. How to apply:

    (1)You have to send an email for your application to GEEU Support team with writing your ingame family name and join the event.
    - Email to:

    (2) To participate the event, you must share the live stream link or post your video on GEEU Forum. *added.

    * In case of Live stream in TwitchTV, you have to leave each live stream with a video so that we could check the hits, followers and contents.

    3. Contents
    1) GEEU promotion video
    2) PVP play
    3) Normal game play
    4) Game play guide or quest guide
    5) "I'm a real beginner", newbie's play
    6) Character voice record(English) - If your video selected, your voice might be added
    to the game in the future as a sound file.

    ※ Besides, any of concept of interesting video related with GE will be okay to make.

    4. Rewards
    1) Basic event participation compensation: 3000 EGC (Over sharing 3 videos or live streaming links per month) *edited
    2) Rookie: 10000 EGC per month

    3) Master: +7 equip. and Accessary set + 20000 EGC monthly and other support. (After 3 month evaluation only)

    4) For the No. 1 Streamer benifit when the event end. : GE Artbook, GE OST, GE Clock, GE Puzzle.
    (Standards of Likes, hits and subscribers) *added

    ※ In case of Rookie, GEEU Team will evaluate your activity monthly and if you were active and made a good result, you could be a Rookie grade.
    ※ As for Master, after 3 months of GEEU Team evaluation, you will have a chance to be a Master streamer.

    * Acording to the forum Likes numbers and GEEU TEAM internal evaluation, the shared video or live streaming link will be selected to Eurogamez Youtube channel.
    * All copyrights will be the video owner. Only in some special cases, GEEU Team will upload your video directly Eurogamez Youtube channel below the owner's permission.
    * Some of event condition can be updated or changed in the future.
    * Not allowed to upload or sharing the others' videos.

    We hope that many of players join and support the event.

    Thank you,
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    We appreciate all participants for joining the event so far.
    There were many of participants and nice works but we had to choose only 4 master grade streamers this time, as we announced before.

    - Croft
    - Noob
    - Draugelis
    - Prefix

    Thank you for joining the event and we hope that you keep up the good work.
    The related rewards items will be sent to the upper winners within a few days.

    The other participants are still have a chance to grow from Rookie grade if you make a good result in the future.

    * From every month evaluation, the master grade can be down to rookie grade and rookie also can raise to master grade.

    Thank you,
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