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    Mmmm... delete all zip file and patch again. My client seems to be working fine and last zip file is 3410. Try with 3420 maybe, I dont know.
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    my client works now after downloading their updated client installer here

    the one i re-installed prior was my 3 year old installer, wasted time on that since it didn't work. that changing of revisions.txt also didn't work because seem like the problem was rooted with my client installed using an old installer that somehow triggered this bug after last maintenance >.<. so yeah, reinstall using the installer in the link.

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    Dam..... Gonna try to download the latest client then...thanks for the help everybody.

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    After latest update (with Scavenger Yegane's), i couldn't launch the game over three days consecutively, and then my event meter (GM preparing gifts) drop the number of "days of continious attendance check", and now i have only 3 days, but before last update i had over 36-38 days.
    It can be fixed or not?

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    Ok Server Open Again Try It I hope It Work

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    Argh Stop Downloding Hiks-Hiks

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    I'm getting this error... I'm downloading the current full client, but its unreasonably slow to download
    (5 days till its done)

    Please help

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    What happens if you delete the zip files that updater downloaded, then edit the right files for updater revisions and revisionsv2 to match their last patch number?

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    I must say the support here is sux in so many levels so I wonder why should i stay here and play at all. Frocing me contact you in tickets then refresh it 10 minuts for replay then send ticket againe and keep doing it for hours instead using discord, skype team speak or any other program that allow to chat directly is a ff****ed up way to support someone. You even asked me to install chrome remote sektop but you ignore the ID's I have sent over and over untill sessions were expierd. This is not the way to support players or treat them at all. My only thought you guys doing all you can to make me quit the game comepletly. You already got my contact info if you ever wanna help me fix those issues, but if you refuse to chat with me on real time to fix them I will give away on that game and go spend my money elsewere. I am done chasing you like this. Cya

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    Sorry to hear this. We replied about the wrong code but you didn't answered.

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