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    [Update]How to report an issues

    Hello Granado Espada Testers,

    Thank you for participating in our official test of Granado Espada Europe. If you find some wrong translations, or if you figure out any issue during your personal test, please let us know about it by adding a post to this thread that includes the following things.

    - Description: Wrong Translation or Bug Report

    - Screenshot: here you can put in your Picture or at least a link to it. Please ensure that this link or Picture is set.

    Good places to upload image:

    Good programs to automatically upload screenshots and get link with right click menu (open source):

    - When does it occur: When it was occurring during a conversation with a NPC etc.

    - Where does it occur: What was the Name of the NPC or Object? Where was this NPC or Object located etc.

    * In case you encountered game crash issues, then please attach a *.dmp file and send it back to
    You can find a file at GE client folder//release called *.dmp that contains the crash informaion.

    Thank you
    GEEU Team
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    Please upload...I'm waiting !

    Team EuroGameZ

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    The UI part is almost done.

    You guys can deeply check quests, missions and etc.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Dear GEEU Team

    Family name:

    When does the bug appear?:
    This evening 17.00 Server Time

    Detailed description of the problem:
    Precious Metal Merchant, Rolax seems drunk >_<
    i want to Upgrade Void Ring, but it need Tal Lasa Ring

    and not only that ring >_<

    Please attach a screenshot if possible.

    and Many Other >_<

    please Check it, dear GEEU Team

    Thank you
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    Dear Bezaleel,

    Thanks for the report and we will fix the problem!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    UpdateHow to report an issues

    I am having a litle issue when saving an XDF, when i have added a new features to it.
    The problem is that the X-labels change when the XDF is loaded in to TunerproRT again. Am i having issues with my pc, or am i missing something when i make the new XDF?

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