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    Post Enchantment Chip Series

    Enchantment Chips are so various in present day. I think, it will be like JGE in the future.
    Enchantment Chip Veteran.jpg
    Enchantment Chip Veteran (Green)
    Exclusives for
    Weapons: AR 31-34 (Damage Ancient Weapon Series (Obsolete), Ancient Weapon Series (Obsolete), Deprodine Series (Obsolete), Divine Weapon Series, Evil Weapon Series, Zodiac Series, Jewel Series, Prospe Series, Constellation Weapon Series, Fallen Angel Series, Prison Series, Angel Series, Machine Series, Buster of Tyrant, IAR-323 Large Caliber Rifle, Cube, Abyss Scroll, Diary of Veroniff, Encyclopedia, Broom of Old Witch)
    Armors: DR 33-34 (Greek Croma Armor Series, Fate of Castilla, Red Serpent Armor Series, Evil Armor Series)
    Enchantment Chip Expert.jpg
    Enchantment Chip Expert (Red)
    Exclusives for:
    Weapons: AR 34-36 (Armonia Series, Elite Constellation Weapon Series, Tyrant Series, Vigilar Series, Crystal Series, Noble Series, Strata Devil Series, Elegant Series, Masterpiece Series, Elite Bristia Series, IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle, Broom of Little Witch)
    Armor: DR 34-35 (Vigilar Armor Series, Santo de Blanc Series, Santuario Metal Armor, Strata Devil Armor Series)
    Enchantment Chip Master.jpg
    Enchantment Chip Master (Blue)
    Exclusives for:
    Weapons: AR 37-39 (Valeron Series, JPN Armonia Series, Abyss Series, JPN Divine Series, ILE-525 Large Caliber Rifle)
    Armors: DR 35-37 (Valeron Armor Series, Ogre Noir Armor Series, JPN Santo de Blanc Series, JPN Santuario Metal Armor)
    Enchantment Chip High Master.jpg
    Enchantment Chip High Master (Gold)
    Exclusives for:
    Weapons: AR 40-41 (Bernier Series, Ilier Series, Royal Series, Tower of Chaos Series, Dominant Series)
    Armors: DR 37-39 (JPN Ogre Noir Armor Series, Special Dignite Armor Series)
    Enchantment Chip Rare.png
    Enchantment Chip Rare (Pearl)
    Exclusives for:
    Weapons: AR 42-44 (Elite Strata Devil Series, Stance Spirit Series, Elemental Series, Elite Divine Series)
    Armors: DR 40-42 (Frontier Croma Armor Series, Divine Le Blanc Armor Series, Elite Frontier Croma Armor Series)
    Enchantment Chip Black.jpg
    Enchantment Chip Ultimate (Black)
    Exclusives for:
    Weapons: AR 45-46(JPN ILE-525 Large Caliber Rifle, Emperyum Series, JPN Valeron Series, Elite Stance Spirit Series)
    Armors: DR 43-44 (KOR Divine Le Blanc Armor Series, JPN Valeron Armor Series)
    Enchantment Chip Advance.jpg
    Enchantment Chip Advance (Orange)
    Weapons: AR 47-48 (Legendary Stance Spirit Series, Direwolf Series)
    Armors: DR 45-46 (not Available yet)
    Can not be traded, sold or discarded
    I think many weapons from JGE will be updated to other server someday.
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    I doubt we will have anything like Elite Strata and stuff if we do will be years away.
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    jGE has all that stuff? Damn, means they must have more devs/artists than the 2 people that work on kGE.

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    Yes, they also have Ultimate Exclusive Stances but I checked in game datas in other servers by data readers they have them.

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    we must spend cash every 3 months for 1 more AR / DR ?

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    Enchantment chip master? Ice just trickled down my spine lol.
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    It will be on KGE.

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    I'm updated already now

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    At least JGE likes progress, Strata has been a thing for what? Almost 5years? Armonia 3, or 4?

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    Now Elite Divine Weapon updated

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