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    It doesn't make sense to "unify servers".

    This is why NFEU came back now, to offer something different.

    "Unified servers" for this game means everybody playing NFNA, the "global server".

    It is impossible to reprogram the game so that you have all servers available in one version. Impossible also from an organisational point: there are several different companies putting NF on the market, each with their own (limited) developers.
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    Dear Captains ^^

    NFEU can say like this;

    1. All servers follow the main stream of big issue and big patch. (If something good, then why NFEU deny? ^^)

    2. But other detailed things will be different and it should be different because each server's gamer's desire is different ^^

    No big worry and NFEU will discuss with people all the time and will decide things!

    But we should know, if majority by poll or something decided, then minority need to follow the decision.

    It's the democracy rules ^^;;

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Yep thats why i said: Let a Poll decide of what to patch, and not a minority that cry's about stuff. WOWS(World of Warships), so basicaly Wargaming, did that mistake. They did not listen to facts, to reason, and to actual people knowing stuff about ships. They listened to people crying and thus trying to bring ballance to something wich does not need stuff like that anyway. Look on NF's current state: Citadell hits? No need, we have soft defence to counter the need of those critical hits, if the armor is pounded enogh, its gone, thus every shell that hits can do lethal dmg to the ship. In WOWS? A DD can penetrate 400 mm armor with ease from close by, even thou the gun, historicaly , had only 100mm penetration power, and yes with the training room i tested exactly that: I drived every IJN ship and tested stuff like penetration power and actual citadell dmg and then realized the grave mistakes they did.

    So back again in short:

    Polls to let the people decide about patches
    Main stream big patches, like new techtree's, new ships(we still want the Takao class as main ship in the tree after the myoko but prior to BB1), new weapons(like back then the 20 inch gun for the super yamato and the 18.9 inch tripple(normal yamato/super yamato tripple was 18.1 inch)), reballancement and stuff, should be for all servers, so if we decide that we want superships from Naval ops in the game, so should the other servers.
    Some detais about the games should be server unique, for example our prem store. The medal store is ok, it should be used for the highest and most powerfull of stuff so one needs to grind for this, yet some things, like most event ships atm. that are not lvl 90 or above, should be premium ships and not medal store ones. Even Hyuuga is useless after i hit Yamato even thou 6x2x 16 inch guns can rock (i would still use B65 guns on her thou, 3x6 12 inch guns 4 win)

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    You really need to calm down, man.

    (I thought this around six years ago when I first read your posts on NFEU, and you haven't changed. Your English got better, though.)

    And basing all decisions on polls is only going to shift from one minority (vocal crying, as you say) to another - the very few people that go through the bother of reading the forum and voting. Compared to all players, those are also only a minority...
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    Thx for the compliment there about my english^^.

    Well then we need to think of something, thats what suggestion area's should be about anyway. We could as well put the poll inside the actual game, like Wargaming did, after say, some battles to let people get notice of it. Or notify them via ingame message (obviously different collor as well as bigger letters would be needed to let people take notice of this) that a poll about incoming changes is running. Shure not all would vote, yet those who do will have something to say on big decisions. Not like most Company's atm do, just push patches THEY think benefit all people on the games, and in reality it benefits only their greed.

    Like i said, stuff like this needs time, yet i think we are on the right track with this blog. We now just need to let people know it exists AND prove that TNF is actualy listening for once(no offence, yet back then barely a TNF member on the forum did, plus we all saw what happend on NFNA with the game)

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    Quiet some time has past and nothing else got added here so i will do,

    Lets all wait untill the patch that is sceduled to hit in aprill will hit. We might see some stuff already changing for the better or worse. After that i would like to discuss stuff that we need to change in order to be competetive to World of Warships. Graphicaly, we are good enogh. We actualy still have the nicer looking ships despite not being 3d. Gameplaywise well thats the nut to crack, we need advancement on that, and we need it soon. So lets wait for the first of many big patches in 2017 and discuss after that what this patch did and what we desperatly need. And by all means, i only do suggestions, not want those changes badly. It would be nice to have , for example, more HP and less oneshotting in the game, yet as i am very good with manual aim, i dont realy need it. I only think about the lower ones and those who joined the game recently. I look back at my own time playing this in the GB for the first time, it was a desaster back then. Not even able to get close to enemy's because oneshot sucked. The BK is a good counter to that, yet at some point you hit BB1 and lvl 65, so your forced to fight against those with high level and accurate guns that blow you up like a FF should be from a CA.

    There was a suggestion about seperation for the BB1 to 3 and the high tier BB4 to 7, i guess this would help, yet it would put a heavy disadvantage to those already owning a BB3 and hitting the level cap of this soon(yes there are people like that already ...). I guess best choice remains the BK/GB we already have, yet we need to adjust big ships slightly so they dont waste small ones just by looking at them.

    Lets wait for now thou, we might get suprised by what they have planed already.

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    just some few suggestions:

    1. Reduce the time for Prembonus/Drop Event to 3 min.
    5 min, especially in BK, is atm often to long. People stop playing for 2 mins for getting the bonus.

    2. Big issue... fix the asynch problematic. It seems that mostly plains (bombers) leads to asynch games.

    3. Deactivate crew kill for vets. I know you want to make some money... but a) it is pure frustration and b) ppl crash their game to save their vets. So you just get frustrated players...

    4. Deactivate the "press TAB"-function in normal rooms.

    5. 1000 Credits/points in the drop event. Srsly 1k? 50k would make sense.

    6. Activate expert gain in missions. Adjust it to a "normal" rate so ppl can get experts with spending time in missions.

    7. Make neuts tradedable with lvl 1. Dont get it why it has to be lvl 6 (on old NFEU) or now 12.

    8. Give me a "1 Neut back button"-function when I am rolling the dice for neuts
    Dont know how often I (and others) klick the dice 1 time to often...

    9. Rework the graphics. NF has a great gameplay, but the graphic wont attract new players. Higher screen resolution, HD models etc. would be nice to see.

    10. Just a wish, be extremely careful when you want introduce new ships or doing server transfers. Yes, hyuga and other ebbs could be fun. And yes, i would love to see all my old crews here again... but that could destroy the server.


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    1. Drop event is 4 minutes, thats short enogh
    2. Well most of the people have no problems with that, thou sometimes it laggs for everyone, might be the server yet could be to much airplanes as well
    3. Crew kills for vets should never be disabled, it should be a low chanze thou, like 1 or 2% at most to lose vets over something else. I would even disable it if enogh fresh crew is onboard yet still a posibility needs to be there to lose at most 1 vet(could use this as a limit, you cant lose more than 1 vet per crit strike like that)
    4. Yea. Normal rooms should be host controlled like BK or GB.
    5. The drop event gives you either 1k creds or points, a prem items, medals (2 for non premium, 4 for premium in BK or GB(World at War gives you 6 for non prem and 8 for prem if i remember corectly). So not only creds and points. Plus you can, sometimes, get more than 1 of them (but not the 9k we got earlier this month XD even thou having 20 mill points was nice XD)
    6.Its active there, yet duo to illpatching from NFNA its kinda low % that you gain even one. I honestly in all my battles thus far only got 1 expert from fighting. Rest was prem items
    7.Yep absolutely, save the neuts you start with, but other neuts should be tradable. Hero sailors and special event ones should still not be tradable thou (imagine a full crew with people being hero sailors (+19 base to all stats))
    8. How about not even dicing at all? How about we spend points for stats and their bosts so we can manufacture our +11/+12 gunners from there with a higher point cost, like for example, you want a gunner that is as good as the starting yellow ones? That costs 50k points then.
    9. Uhm nope, Gifs are good enogh, you can even change ships yourselfe(i still use the Takao for the Myoukou mod and its as old as NF itselfe by now). Screen resolutions ok, would be nice yet not realy nessesary (you can zoom in and out at will btw. wich equals higher resolutions)
    10. Uhm hyuuga was on EU all along till shutdown. Yet NFNA did OP her. It has nothing to do with a wish thou. I will talk to TNF about this later today(if someone of them comes online i hope), if they would actualy nerf some stuff in the medal store if it is to OP. We have our own server with our own rules now, we should reballance some stuff from the medal store bevor all people use Hyuuga just because she is op. I want YOU people to have a say in this too btw. so i dont mind that you come in, yet mainly i will ask TNF about the medal store and changes in EBB ballance. And no, i will not say that Atago or any other EBB6 needs nerf, she should as well be made more powerfull to make the effort worth it and the fact that you need a full lvl 120 crew for her(120 BO and 2 gunner, 115 the rest, no slots can stay open, you need to fill them all with level 115 sailors). As for getting our old stuff back well, they stated that exactly this is sadly imposible. The data is lost, we might get a transfer event from NFNA to NFEU , yet we only might get prem cash as well as nearly all our creds and points from NFNA. No ships, no Crew.

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    I actually support kakarott's suggestions.

    - the event drop is at 5 min now, not at 4, as kouta claims
    - vet crew kills actually were deactivated on NFNA.
    - 1k credit or points is still useless
    - expert gain: kakarott is talking about MISSIONS

    I also wish that kouta would read more, think more, and talk less... most of what you say is redundant/verbal diarrhoea. And you think you have a privileged contact to TNF/GM???
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    I like the ideas of dude and kakarott. I see kouta is desperatly trying to make a point but your "verbal diarrhoea" unfortunately is little comprehensible, too long and by no means make sense from a players perspective. I mean crew kill, seriously?

    I would like to bring up the idea to reintroduce normal rooms (at the same time you might wanna get rid of select mode).

    I gotta withstand the illusion that competitive gameplay in terms of "earn your exp" ever will have a come back but normal rooms still are good for several occassions.

    They give an opportunity for unique and, back when i started playing, funny gamemodes. For example:
    - CVhunt
    - DDwars
    - Fleet vs. All
    - BB12, BB123noPBB
    - CL/CA

    You can think of even more game modes as the game mechanics have changed a lot since this free-style mode was abandoned.
    - SShunt
    - Torpedo only
    - ...

    I understand that normal rooms also had a risk of ABgaming and stacking. Maybe raise the minimum required players to at least 10 and make them available only during server peak times, like 1600z to 2200z. If we are talking about attracting "veterans" THIS is what real veterans like to play.

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