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    Here People can suggest Ideas !!

    Dear Captains,

    People can suggest ideas and good change of Navyfield Europe here !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    OK, here's the first one:

    Please make neutral sailors tradeable on the trade forum and in trade rooms. In the old NFEU, that was possible for neuts between levels 7 and 11.

    Now that everyone is starting afresh and rolling/looking for crews, this would really kickstart trade, out of the following reasons:

    - It is easier to see the stats of a neut than of a nation/classed sailor, everybody can see how good the sailor is, and there is no late classing/wrong classing.
    - with neuts, you reach so many more interested buyers. Classing sailors at lvl 12, first of all, costs the points to class, and second, risks giving the sailor a nation where there is no demand at the moment ("ah, nice sailor, what a pity he is 'x' nation and not mine").

    Please consider this, thank you.

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    Dear Captains,

    When it's blocked and why Dev blocked it?

    Team EuroGameZ

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    You mean the neuts trading?

    That was a decision of NFNA. They never gave a reason for this. Just regional preferences, I guess.

    NFEU always enabled this, and that was a good idea.

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    Heh here are some good ones from me to you(beware it will be lenghty):

    First: I played NF mobile, some parts of this game actualy are quiet good, especiel the fact that there are no one shots(wich is historical accurate (save Hood but that was more or less because lousy repairs done in the first place). The HP boost for bigger ships (at least prior to the rebalancement) for like 25 to 50% should be done here on the regular one too. At least for CA and BB (as they are warships that should take fire instead of other ships), CL should be boosted too albeit not as much as CA and BB to make them viable in GB's not only as AA ships but as fighters and better SS hunters. SS on the other hand should get their HP and DMG resistence nerfed a bit(most people still cry about SS in total, thou those 2 reasons are the most prominent ones) as well as not being able to recieve SD(Soft Defence) so if they surface they just die off(later more to SS, this first one is about HP for ships). CV can stay the way they are, their not frontline ships anyway. DD should get a slight (5 to 10 %) increase too even thou it will not realy help most of them to survive in large scale battles. Thats what their speed should be all about.

    Second: Now the SS problems i noticed after their initial launch and after SS5 and higher got added. 1. They have to much HP for being literarely only a DD with submerge ability and couple torps(at least the high level ones starting from SS3). 2. They should not be near imune to dmg at all, even not with good restorers and repairers on board, as soon as they surface they should be easily dispatchable by gunfire if it actualy hits (their still smaller (even I-400) than most DD). 3. They should (and this would be a buff) get less crew weight if officers are fittet on them(more on crew later thou) or an overall increase of space so one has not to decrease the crew every time they put their torpers on them (especiel IJN , they use the torpers for both, their kitakami AND the SS). 4. Actualy to somewhat lessen the thread of the gunfire, they should gain more air to play with. If that runs out, they need to either surface or die pretty quickly and thus would be vunerable. The main defence still should be deep charges and headghogs(dunno how to spell them XD).

    Third: The gun's in this game. I admit that some sort of ballance needed to be done to actualy not alow IJN to have a total supperiority in range like they had in reality, yet still IJN should still be the top albeit not as drastic as in reality. Plus the spread should be adjustet to not alow blockshots on long ranges (yet on like halve the max range they should actualy be blocks, thats how gunfire works, the further away they are, the more they spread, there is an effective range on all guns in the world wich is usualy halve their max range. Lets take the battle between the RN and KM for an example: Bismarcks range was 36 km at max(like most 15/16 inch guns, there is an exeption wich is Nagato's 16.1 inch gun(after refit) and Iowa/Sodaks 16 inch gun, they have 38 (yet thats neglatable so they should actualy all have the same) yet both the RN and the KM went to like 20km range and started firing, thus acording to data and ofc. some nice docu's about that, the shots hit nearly together and quiet well. RN thou had a different problem: they where crossing the T, wich means after each salvo they needed to adjust the whole guns again to the new range, wheras bismarck and prince eugen never fired untill captain linderman(RIP) gave the order, at this point they where close enogh for actual effective range, and soon both sides proved that they could actualy hit one another. Hood was dispatched only after 30 minutes of gunfire from bismarck and eugen, prince of wales took quiet some hits yet (if the guns would not have ben jammed) she would still have crippled eugen and heavy dmg'd bismarck in return(RN is all about armor even thou they did not field the biggest of this in the world, thats still the USN and IJN for ya(IJN obviously place 1)(more on armor later thou). Point is: they needed to close in in order to actualy hit their targets. USN Iowa did prove that max range fire, even with modern systems, is futile most of the time as she wasted quiet the amount of ammonition on Katori even thou Katori was dissabled already. Thus this would give CA in the later game against even BB5 a striking chance even thou they would not realy hit that hard, they still could support BB in taking down bigger foes. So basicaly: More range spread for all guns, less on lower ranges, still RN should block earlier than most like it does already and IJN should retain a bit less effective range to counter the higher dmg power of their guns. Oh and one more thing: the Italian navy was said to have acchived the same range as yamato with 16 inch guns, i dunno if this is true or not, there are no guns left of that sort, yet they should then be as prone to spread even on effective range than IJN would be.

    Forth: Crew, I admit the whole system being awesome! Yet it has flaw's that where not ballanced off in like 12 years of NF. The crew weights to much, especiel for early ships. I admit the crew being able to get better with the veteran system, yet they still should weight less, or actualy auto adapt to the ship they are put opon. Wich means DD should have less crew in total (i tryed to fit my lvl 96 crew on a DD, well try to fit like 5k people on a 100 meter Destroyer that has barely space for 300) to counter the weight gain and let them be viable even with high level personel on board (to actualy alow people to use DD later on to counter SS as they are the better choice to do so than CL are). The dieing rate atm. is fine, its not that high, but it can be punishing at times and so it should be. Ya cant hope to wage a war with a ship and hope that the whole crew survives. High school fleet did a terible job on this, i admit that , in a girl main char anime, casultie's need to be dissabled, yet INJURIE's should be shown. Even after getting literarley wasted by the 11 inch guns of Admiral Graff Spee, the XO of this ship SURVIVED UNSCRATCHED. I admit its anime, i admit that it did purposly not show this, yet well you get it right? Ya cant hope that people survive such impacts at all. Back to Forth: DD , SS and CL should have less weight restrains through crew to make them viable later on and still fun to play. This is a ballance request i did, with my GF (necendro btw. and my original nick is Adm_Kouta, i like my change to Cmdr for Commander(wich is a reference of the Commander in chief of the IJN wich means something higher than any fleet admiral(yamamoto held this rank btw. and got posthum promotoed to Fleet Admiral too) for quiet some time starting after SS first hit NF. Now with the new times, new management, and plans to reballance nearly the entire game anyway (its stated that way on NFNA forum) i think its time to ask this again. Crew weight needs to be lower in order to use higher level ones on smaller ships.

    Fith: Event Ships. I admit the medal store being a nice thing, yet those ships should also be (to some degree, absolutely no BB 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5) buyable via normal prem cash too like back in the original NFEU. They would not be game breaking, and offer no advantage at all (exept maybe IJN, they can equip the most lethal BB3 gun they have on all of them, the 12.2 inch tripple from the B65 even thou that one lacks power, it has range and quiet the low spread as well as good reload speed). At the point one can get one (for example Mikasa) normaly, they would at least be BB3 already, so they would have no need for them anyway anymore. Thats why i suggest that, up to maybe EBB3, they be again put into the prem store. But not ships like Missouri, Atago and the other high tier ships, as well as ECV's.

    Sixth: Some suggestions about some tech tree changes even thou they would be minor compared to what maybe is planed. I take IJN as example to add maybe 1 aditional CL on the Gun tree and let the Mogami CL be the first ship in the CV tree (as she can be made into a quiet good CAV already) and give her slot on lvl 55 maybe, to the IJN Takao. She would fit the gap between CA and BB nice enogh for that as she is IJN's most powerfull one(she has more max weight than mogami as well as an quiet lethal upgrade bringing her on par with more modern USN CA's in terms of AA guns(we have a remodel of the maya type already, named Asama (she is a second, paper refit of the takao class(one still can see the most prominent feature of Takao on her, the bridge). So adding a slight higher level than mogami CA, actual CA to the game in place of the mogami that should be on the CV path would add greatly to the game. I will look for other such changes in the other tree's too yet this one is a long time questioned, and already quiet often into the game modded (the moddel replaces mogami btw. it has no game changing effects other than the look). Would be nice to see something like that but like i said: not realy needed atm. exept for maybe having more diversity in ships.

    THats all for now, if i remember something else, or do want to suggest something else, i will do so ASAP.

    Regarts : Cmdr_Kouta

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    OMG, Cmdr_Kouta !!! ^^

    I really need to check every line of sentence carefully ^^ So long lines ^^;;;

    You talking about NFEU, right? Not NF mobile?

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Yes its all about NF not mobile. I already did talk about this in my first support ticked (albeit i should have said it with big letters : ITS ABOUT NF AND NOT NFMOBILE(sry for caps).

    Hope you can understand all of it, if not i will make efforts to rewrite most of it to be easier to understand for all of us.

    Regarts : Cmdr_Kouta

    I just refered to NFmobile in terms of some ballance stuff they actualy did better than actual NF PC did. Especiel about the HP and survivability of surface ships (they are equal bad in terms of SS being OP)
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    OK We check and post the answer or questions here soon !!

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Wow, I red it all and tried to understand you points like below.
    We can feel your passion and knowledge about Navyfield and also feel about people's hope to arrange NF better.

    1. HP arrangement (BB,CA CL and DD up, SS down)

    2. SS needs nerf

    3. gun problem, Long range shells should be spreaded more.

    4. Sailors, re-arrangement of weight.

    5. Release Event-ships.

    6. Tech Tree change.

    We have serviced this game during 7 years and had some break and now we relaunched.

    We feel we need to catch up things fastly together with users and have to deeply discuss about the NF Dev direction.

    Things are mostly related with re-balancing and it's very delicate things to all parties of nation, ship type, etc.

    We hope people can show their opinions on this thread and we deeply talk and decide direction and priority.

    I think Event Ship and Tech Tree Change can be the start ones and others need more discussion here.

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Yep you got that right. I know that they have plans, but i never thought that they would actualy have plans for reballancement too. They just stated that they will make major changes throughout the year. I look forward to all of them, plus i hope that my other 2 suggestions (even thou only 1 belongs rightfully into the NF suggestion blog, the other being a simple question about something else) get read as well.

    Thx for reading my post thrughfully, lets see what the future brings!

    Regarts: Cmdr_Kouta

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