Greetings Ballers,

Check below for the match schedules and matchups for the 2017 Winter Season
Crew Tournament Top 32 Matches!


**All participants must be in Tournament Channel lobby
following exactly the event time.

**Matches will resume if a baller disconnects however if the baller does
not return after 10minutes and there are no registered sub players the team
will be disqualified.

**We can only allow a player that is having technical difficulties
to proceed to the game after two (2) tries. If the player unable to
proceed on the second try, we will advise to call on their subs or
they will be automatically disqualified to the tournament.

**If your Teammates do not show up on the [Top 32 stage]
and lost by default as a result, your crew won't be able to participate the
next tournament as penalty.

** Do not change your character name once the application has been
submitted and 5 days after the tournament.

Some Reminders for the Crew Leaders!

1.During the tournament, GM will invite you to the room
(it will be a team leader most of time)

2.Once you are invited to the room, invite your team members.

3. When your team is ready, press "Start" and use megaphone to let GM know
your team is ready.


1st Place Winning Team Members:

7000 Gkash + 40,000 Points

Star Training Zip-up (Rare) + Star Training Pants (Rare)

FS2 Champion Belt
+ Winner's Golden Wings (15D) (Animation)

Winning Crew Members:

3 Card Balls + 3 Item Balls
+ Military Training Bag
2nd Place Team members:
5000 Gkash + 10,000pt

All Crew members:

Cross Buckle Bag
+ 1 Card ball + 1 Item ball
3rd Place Team members: 2000 Gkash
Top 16 teams
3rd Place)
Team members: 5 Point Balls + 20 FreeStyle Tickets

-Team FreeStyle2