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    [NFEU] New Game Navyfield Europe will be launched 23rd of February !!


    Dear EuroGameZ Gamers,

    Here is the good news and new game Navyfield Europe will be launched this Thursday.
    EuroGameZ were the and are happy to bring back the Navyfield Europe again in Europe.

    During the time, Navyfield has been modified much and changed much and added many new features. It's worth to be checked by old navyfield fans we think.

    The Beta service will be run around 1 week and the commercial service will be started.
    But no wipe-out will be and no worry to start faster.

    Thank you for your interest and hope people enjoy this classical naval war game.

    Server will be opened at 10 am CST on 23rd of February 2017 !!

    3 kinds of Event will be started !!

    1. 300% Boosting Event for EXP, Credit and Point during 2 weeks.

    2. 300% Veteran Conversion Boosting Event during 2 weeks.

    3. 200% First Win Bonus event during 1 month. (exp, credit, point)

    EuroGameZ hope people can enjoy the start of playing game with fast scope.

    people can start things at

    Team EuroGameZ
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    Dear Darkavenger,

    It's nice to see you back here again and very nice to see the old touching videos.
    We admit our not good management for the fans of Navyfield at those time and regret to release the service.

    EuroGameZ(former made a bad choice to work with china company and wrong games and suffered much during the time. Because of nexon's NF2 service, they forced to close our NFEU service and we had no choice to try at that time.
    Just tried to help SD EnterNet to work with big company like Nexon but it was totally wrong choice for all.

    Even though the situation, we are getting over the situation and having new games on our new site, and finally bringing back our precious game, Navyfield Europe here.

    Deeply sorry about the closing notice communication and the data we lost but we are keeping trying to recover things.

    We will keep trying to recover things when this server matured for big BBs and CVs.
    if possible, we will bring back your data on this server. But at this moment, it's extremely not sure and not possible to promise things.

    For the fans, we transferred all data to NA server but it's very feel bad about many people stopped and even didn't hear about the closing notice. We can understand the feeling of lost.

    We will keep communicating with fans of Navyfield Europe and keep trying to make better circumstance of playing this game continuously.

    Please keep advising us and give us a good ideas.
    We will follow the voice of community and will make things together with our gamers.

    We are small but definitely will try to provide the best service for Navyfield fans as we tried before.

    Thank you

    Team EuroGameZ

    PS: the old domains like, and old pages all alive even at this moment.
    It's because we have been kept finding the situation to bring back Navyfield Europe so far.
    Finally, things will be arranged and optimized for new server.

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