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    Before you start you might want to read this!!

    Hello and good morning i have been playing NavyFIELD for about 6 years and i figured i'd share a few things with you guys.

    1.)Before you start you should learn a bit more about NavyFIELD and the sailors that you will be making and leveling... A good place to do this is This NavyFIELD database will help you figure out what nation you want to be and will help you decide what ship line you want to take with your BridgeOfficer (BO).

    2.)As a new player you should start in the beginers area doing some beginners missions until you get the hang of the controls you can also press "F10" while ingame to see the hotkey layout for NavyFIELD aswell as change them to whatever hotkey you prefer. In battle you will see that you can easily click shoot and fire at the enemy this FCS(Fire Control System) is called "Auto FCS" the first few Frigates and Destroyers you start with will by default have this FCS and altho it might be easier to aim with Auto FCS as it's like i said "Click and Shoot" the Manual FCS is VERY important when using bigger tier ships such as Light cruisers,Heavy cruisers and Battleships as it helps not only tighen your spread it also gives you the most out of your gun range when compared to auto FCS.

    *It's very important and HIGHLY suggested that you learn how to use the "Manual FCS*

    3.)Classing your sailors is extremely important once your sailors reach level 12 you can class them and there are several choices you get to choose from which are....

    Bridge Operator - With this class change you get to choose which nation you want and what ships once you reach the appropriate level.

    Arm Sailor - Your primary gunner/torpman untill you can change it's class to either AA gunner or Reload/Accuracy Gunner at lvl 22 or a Torpedo Man at lvl 25.

    Special Force - Primary use is to be Scout onboard ships aka "Rookie Pilot" you unlock this class at lvl 25.

    Support Sailor - The name says it all this sailor type helps support your ships and are VERY IMPORTANT i will go more into detail about what each one does later on.

    IMPORTANT: ALWAYS upgrade your sailors at the correct level or your sailor will miss out on ability later on. You can and should plan out how you will class what sailor ahead of time this is why i linked the website above so you can have a good look at the sailor chart.

    NavyFIELD Ship yard database: Follow this link and simply click on the flag of the nation you want to inspect.

    Hope this helps new players if anyone has any questions feel free to private message me i will answer your questions to the best of my ability.
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