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    Item Shop Problems [02/27/2017]


    currently I am suffering problems with the item shop. Specific items like the "Expert Increase +100 Item Pack x2" can not be purchased. After "Purchase now" I end up on this page:

    This page is blank, items do not appear in-game.

    Kind regards

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    Dear Captainmaru,

    We tested and the purchasing has been succeeded without problems.
    What browser do you use?
    We tested it via Chrome and was no problem.

    Please try and check again and let us know the detailed situation of error.

    Thank you

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Update: Only 1 item at once is purchaseable. If try to purchase more than 1 package of experts, the transaction fails.
    This issue has been confirmed by several other gamers.

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    Dear captainmaru,

    Your comments are all right and we confirmed this error situation.
    We reported this to Dev and he will fix this soon.

    Thank you for your providing the analysis of website too and we will build up the better coding on the page.

    As you mentioned, some computer situation, buying one by one is ok but 2 more items causing this error.

    Team EuroGameZ

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