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    Deleting Steam account to restart fresh

    Hello, could I request that my Steam account be wiped from your system so I can start a fresh account on it now that I've learnt how to play and how the items work? Great job on the game. Steam really needed a great free to play, multiplayer football game.

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    I was wondering the same thing,and i think alot of people are doing it also,so quick reply would be nice...So what happens if i delete a game,or just delete my characters,if i want the fresh start???

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    Dear Ballers,

    Now only the steam version of game running at the moment.
    But EuroGameZ and Gamekiss will run that game sooner or later and you can start refreshed.

    In case, your data might be stored and can be used too we think.

    See you soon on our portal!

    Team EuroGameZ

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