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    [NFEU] Patch and Regular Maintenance Notice on Mar 2nd !!

    ==Modified at 11:30 am CST==
    Sorry about the situation. The patch time need to be extended one hour more till 12 am.
    Patch was good and we opened the server at 11:30 am !!!

    Dear Navyfield Europe Players,

    We do our regular maintenance and patch tomorrow and followings are the schedule and details;

    All confirmed and this is fixed notice.

    Schedule : From 9 am till 11:30 am on 2nd of March CST (Game-Play will not be available during the time.)

    1.508 Patch Details ;

    1. Fixing xp problem of 8 below ppl room as intended.

    2. Game clock's PST will be changed to CST as a European Time.

    3. Matching Problem : We will set more logs for checking this problem and will finalize to fix till next week.

    4. Freeze and lagging problem : Now we are checking server resources and maybe will add more cpu on game server.

    5. Normal Room Giving xp issue : GM can open this room without ppl restriction and use for small events.

    6. Weekend Event : NFEU Event ship will show up in the room randomly and the winner who sink the ship will get 1 million Credit !!!

    Thank you and NFEU hope old fans find us and join the weekend event !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Amazing idea on the event thank you as well for your work what a great week it's been

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    So far so good. Please mind, that several BB gamers will of course be able to do much more damage than their low level counterparts. Thus I recommend to give the event room a maximum limit regarding the ship tier (I guess CL would fit best).

    Kind regards

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    yeah good idea, cuz these guys who's upper than me have BB already

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroGameZ View Post
    Dear Navyfield Europe Players,

    1. Fixing xp problem of 8 below ppl room as intended.

    Team EuroGameZ

    Does this mean if there are only 2 people online we still get exp? This would help alot.

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    Server just opened earlier.
    Come and enjoy NF world.

    Thank you,
    Team Eurogamez

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    Dear Apollo,

    6 is minimum at the moment ^^ and we changed for the situation atm.

    But GM can open the normal room and 2 people will be possible too !!

    GM will use this normal room as a kind of event when it needs.

    Team EuroGameZ

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